Travel Log 7: “Wise for the World” Part 1. By Andrew Dunbar. Queensland, Australia

The Rwandan Massacre was one of utter inhumanity and cruelty. To be honest I did not know much about this important event before watching Shake Hands with the Devil, but know that I am informed about it I am completely disgusted. Disgusted not only in by the people who committed this heinous crime, but also disgusted at the rest of the world for not acting or not showing any signs of interest at all. During this massacre, almost a million Rwandans were killed, with over a 500,000 of them being raped and the world didn’t even blink. This horrific event occurred due to the deranged psycho Hutu trying to eliminate the Tutsi people.  The cartoon I have perfectly describes how the world treated this massacre, with them being interested for a moment before turing their attention to something of much less importance.


In the cartoon I have chosen, which was put in the 2005 Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, a man and a woman are both walking out of a movie theater with the movie titled “Hotel Rwanda”. One thing I noticed under the movie title in this cartoon is that it is rated “PG-13”. This is disgusting but accurate because it exemplifies how the world downplayed the whole situation and did not take it seriously. This shows how the media can modify the news and make it seem less serious or more serious than what it really is depending on how they want the public to react.

The man and the woman are having a conversation about the movie where the man says “I can’t believe the world stood by and did nothing!” to which the woman replied “I can’t either…when do you think the movie “Hotel Sudan” will be released?”. She is referring to the events in Sudan, but it is ironic because she is completely shifting her focus from Rwanda within a matter of seconds after leaving the movie theater, right in the middle of a conversation about how more people should have cared about the Massacre. This shows just how ignorant people are and how blind they can be to world events, only caring about them as a topic of conversation and then forgetting about them all together. It is as if people are aways caught up in the new news, the next big horrible event. But in doing so they quickly forget about a previous event that needs serious attention.

People are constantly looking for something new to talk about, something new to watch a movie on. Most people don’t really care about these horrible events because it is not happening to them. They are in their own comfy corner of the world and don’t really care about what is happening to anyone else, but many just pretend to care for the sake of conversation or sounding smart. I hope to one day live in a world where we realize that if every country were to fight out against aggression and horrible events such as the Rwanda Massacre, then the majority of the world’s problems would be solved very quickly by working together.