Travel Log 14: Global Connections and Rites of Seperation

Global learning is extremely important. Without global learning we become a nation of patriotic sheep. We would not learn of the world and the world would not learn of us and if they did it would not be kind. We see ourselves as a reflection of how others treat us. If all of the people we meet are similar and from the same place how can we expect to understand who and how we truly are. By moving out of your hometown even you make a huge stride in understanding yourself but by going to a place dissimilar entirely you are literally crossing oceans.

The ability to travel in a meaningful way is extremely important in order to understand one’s self. In major and in minor ways as well. By seeing more of the world you are able to see so many different ways of life and in turn learn from them. Coming home you are then able to take all that you have preferred and incorporate it into how you would like to be. I have seen many things and now would like to change my life back at home. “All too often, however, we lack a coherent tale, a ‘loom’ to weave all our learning into a fabric of hopeful action in the world,” (Slimbach 131). With what I have learned I am able to create this loom. I am able to express what I have seen and how I would like to see change take place in my life and in the world around me. Thankfully, I am a natural communicator so being able to explain these changes should come naturally to me.

As my time in Barcelona comes to an end I am happy to have had my time but also happy to be heading home. I am glad that I have been able to call Barcelona home for a few months but being back in my own bed will be quite nice. The night before I left I went up to a beautiful viewpoint that overlooks the whole city. As the sun set behind us I was surrounded by friends, old and new. We headed to dinner after and toasted and celebrated our time in Barcelona. It was a great night with great food and now, great friends. On my last day I finished my packing and took a walk around my neighborhood taking it all in for one more time before I headed home. Seeing the beautiful Catalan design of Sant Pau hospital one last time was great. Hearing the sounds of the city made me calm and who can forget the smells of the restaurants and bakeries all around. My time in Barcelona was great and I can be sure I will be back sometime.



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