Travel log 14: “Global Connections & Rites of Separation” by Meghan Thorogood Florence, Italy

It is hard to believe that my time in Italy comes to an end in just eight days. Stepping off the plane and moving into my apartment feels like it was only yesterday. The past four months have gone by in the blink of an eye. Everyone warned me how fast time goes by when you are abroad, but I didn’t believe them. Now here I am, reminiscing on these past four short months that have forever changed my life. I have developed new friendships with all different kinds of people. I have found bliss in alone time and I’ve learned more about myself than I ever imagined possible. Coming abroad I did not know what I was looking for, but somehow I found exactly what I needed. I do not know how to put my transformation into words, but I have seen a positive change within myself.


In the beginning, I was nervous about coming abroad, but I never let anyone else in on that secret. I have never lived on my own before, let alone in a foreign city. But on the other side of that maximum fear and nervousness are some of the best things in life. Now, I am finding it more difficult than I thought to say goodbye. Don’t get me wrong, I am a Boston girl. I have so much pride and love for Boston. I grew up with that city and I feel like it is apart of me. However, I never thought a city could have the same impact on me until I came to Florence. I am forever grateful to Florence for giving me this newfound sense of confidence and independence. I have truly found home here in Florence. With that being said, I have mixed feelings about leaving my new home. I am excited to head back to the states and be reunited with family and friends. But I know I will miss living life abroad. I am beginning to see that the reincorporation phase of the Rites of Passage process is going to be more difficult then I expected.


A quote that expresses how I feel right now is, “the world is a book and those who do not travel read only one page” by St. Augustine. This quote describes how I feel because I feel like I have added so many pages to my story yet there is still so much more left to come. I have been to ten different countries and twenty five different city in a matter of four months. If someone were to tell me that before I left I would’ve told them they were crazy. From Barcelona, Spain to Corfu, Greece, I have seen it all. The warm beaches of Sicily and the snowy swiss alps, I have checked off many chapters, if the world was indeed a book. I also like this quote because it does not highlight the fact that my time traveling has come to an end, but rather implies that there are so many chapters left to be discovered. “If we allow, global learning will not only carry us into the world around us, but also into this world within” (Slimbach 54). Through global learning, I have become a more aware global citizen. I have learned more about the world, and myself, through experiencing how each culture is different, yet allwork together to shape the world.


Works Cited

Slimbach, Richard. Becoming World Wise: A Guide to Global Learning. Sterling, VA: Stylus Pub., LLC, 2010. Print.


One thought on “Travel log 14: “Global Connections & Rites of Separation” by Meghan Thorogood Florence, Italy

  1. Meghan,
    it is absolutely crazy how much you have accomplished in a matter of four months. I think the most profound and impressive one is how independent and aware you have become. I for one have made a similar change. Entering this new world has definitely changed me in ways that I didn’t expect and going back, as nice as it may be and as much as I miss it, will definitely be an interesting challenge. I hope you continue on your self-aware journey that you have started while abroad and continue it at home and maybe even influence others in the process. Best of luck to you!

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