Travel Log 11: Holding Up Half The Sky

In order to convey or live by what is brought up in Half the Sky one needs to make sure they are the change they wish to see. As an individual on a daily basis you may not be able to make great changes in human trafficking or maternal mortality but you can make change in your immediate world. With people you know and you are constantly around you can show them different ways to act toward women especially if they are being sexist or misogynistic. Yes, of course, many of these larger issues do not affect someone in everyone’s lives daily but these smaller events such as an off-hand remark or micro-aggression build up and eventually turn into the norm of how we speak with, relate to and think of women. When these are the norms then we see women as less and then we care less about their well-being and this adds up to larger issues or governmental ignorance which is an even larger issue especially in countries where women are discriminated against even more. Hearing the story of Rath was really interesting to me. It really brought a lot of insight to what women go through but to see her strength throughout her whole time was amazing. Seeing her go from trafficked goods to helping women out of similar situations was inspiring. The idea of microloans is genius and can be used to affect so much good in the world.

As a public relations major I have a huge ability to create change in many different areas brought up in the film. I could create my own Nonprofit, I could go into politics, I could do community organization or many other different areas. Mainly though what I would like to see changed most is the domestic situation. I fully appreciate that there are greater issues in other places in the world but I think that as a country that is so widely looked up to we should have a better level of equality within our own borders. I think that before we fix more of our own issues it is hypocritical for us to focus so much on the rest of the world as we ignore blatant issues in our home. It is despicable that we still have a wage gap, it is despicable that women are not given the final say over their own bodies and it is despicable that in the movement for gender equality people of color are pushed to the back of the room and not given a fair seat or voice at the table.

I think where America has had the most problems in the way we treat men and women today comes from how we raise our boys. If we didn’t raise men with such an inhuman definition of masculinity then there would be less pressure on conforming to a specific gender role and this would then create a stronger dialogue between men and women as men would be “allowed” to discuss using emotions or their feelings. Without being able to have this dialogue then problems will never get better because men will still be raised to have fragile egos and will become hardened and unable to hear criticism or see the world from a point of view other than their own and therefore unable to have the empathy necessary to realize what they as men put women through on a daily basis.


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