Travel Log 12: “Service” by Alexandra Holmes – Currumbin, Australia

I chose to interview a park employee at the Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary in Currumbin. Unfortunately for me I did not have the opportunity to do the actual volunteering but I was able to witness the work of the many volunteers there. The Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary is similar to a zoo in the sense that there are animals to be looked at. Unlike most zoos, some of the animals are allowed to roam free. At this sanctuary you can find free roaming birds, emus, kangaroos, and wallabies. Of course, there are animals that are in cages, such as the freshwater crocodile.

Education is key to conservation. By having the Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary, people of all ages and walks of life can learn about the importance of the animals and their environment in Australia. The sanctuary has multiple shows and session that teach you about the animals and the environment where they are found. The wildlife sanctuary is also home to animals on the endangered species list. They discuss the importance of keeping a clean environment in order to help these endangered species to get removed from the endangered species list. The sanctuary even has a wild life hospital where park goers can see real life surgeries and procedures on animals. The sanctuary puts on many events such as kids on conservation. The importance of conservation needs to be instilled into kids young because they are the future of our planet. Unfortunately for our world, it is slowly being destroyed by pollution and over population. If more people were concerned with our environment there would be less of a problem.

There are many different ways to volunteer at the Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary. One way is by being a parks volunteer. This job consists of making a longtime commitment to the park. The volunteers are stationed around the park, greeting and educating people on the animals in the park. Another opportunity would be as a volunteer in the animal hospital. As a volunteer in the animal hospital, you are responsible for daily tasks of maintaining the hospital and helping to support the veterinary team. The hospital volunteers are even lucky enough to help with the specific treatments of the animals.

I believe it is important to volunteer wherever you are. Whether you are in the states or are in another country, being able to give back is an incredible, humbling experience. Being able to live in America and go to Quinnipiac University makes us some of the luckiest people in the world. With that being said, I think it is important to remain humble and give back to the community around you. Having the incredible opportunity to travel to Australia has been extremely humbling. Even though I have not been able to volunteer directly in Australia, I do appreciate those who volunteer around me. I think it is important to leave your impact on this world, no matter how small that impact may be. If everyone in the world took one day to do something great for someone else, this world would be an incredible place.

I took away from this experience how important it is to conserve our environment and remember that humans are not the only ones on this planet. We are lucky enough to be able to inhabit our planet and if we keep destroying it, there will be no planet left to live on. Thomas Merton once said , “The purpose of education is to show a person how to define himself authentically and spontaneously in relation to the world.” This quote is relevant to my experience with the volunteers because through their work, they are educating people on the wildlife and environment that makes up the beauty that is Australia. I chose a picture that juxtaposes a beautiful beach and then the trash that ruins it. I think this demonstrates the importance of education of our environment. More people need to realize the hazardous effects of their waste. I believe that with the help of wildlife sanctuaries and other conservation efforts, we will hopefully be able to educate enough people which will result in a better, cleaner world for everyone to live in.Screen Shot 2017-03-20 at 9.10.36 PM


One thought on “Travel Log 12: “Service” by Alexandra Holmes – Currumbin, Australia

  1. Hi Ali,

    I really liked when you said “If everyone in the world took one day to do something great for someone else, this world would be an incredible place.” I think this is so incredibly true but sadly this does not happen. So many people in the world do not see the value in volunteering and helping others and I do not understand why. I interviewed a woman who volunteered every week in the bird exhibit at Currumbin. She simply loved educating others on the birds in the enclosure as well as others not at Currumbin. She wanted no praise for her service but to simply share her knowledge. I truly hope to find something I’m so passionate about. I also liked the picture you included on your post. I often visit the shore at home and there is always garbage left on the beach or in the water. I don’t understand why people cannot pick up after themselves and do not see how they are harming the beautiful world around them. That is one thing that surprised by about Australia; I see much less littering than I do in the US. It has been a very nice change.

    Best wishes,


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