Travel Log 10: “Encountering Globalization” by Alexandra Holmes. Broadbeach, Australia

In Australia, I have started to purchase many articles of clothing. I get excited because I “bought something in Australia”. Then looking at the tag, I realize that the piece of clothing is usually made someone where else such as China. This was the example that was used in the “Travels of a T-shirt in the Global Economy”. Luca would take discarded shirts from America and sell them for profit in Africa. This begin to replace manufacturing companies in Africa. Although Luca is making a profit, he is also taking away the millions of jobs that a manufacturing companies could produce.

In many ways we interact in globalization. Globalization is when companies begin to spread internationally and influence markets on a global scale. The food that we buy in Australia has a heavily Asian influence. Every corner there is a different Japanese, Chinese, or Thai restaurant. A majority of the workers come to Australia from Asia. The economy in Australia results in a better place for their business to prosper. Instead of bringing economic growth to their home countries, they bring it to Australia instead. This also has an effect on what it may mean to be Australian. Robin states, “Thus in a country that is now a container of African and Asian cultures, can the meaning of what it is to be British ever again have the old confidence and surety might once had?” I believe this is relevant to the growing Asian culture and influence that I see in Australia.

The spread of Mcdonalds and other fast food restaurants globally is almost hard to believe. Every country that I have visited, there is a form of Mcdonalds or “Maccas” as they call it in Australia. It is crazy to me, the globalization of Mcdonalds, because it is so harmful for your body. Despite the growing obesity epidemic, Mcdonalds chains still pop up every where.

Globalization can also have a severely negative effect.  Robins discusses the growing tension between the Western and Islamic world. I never thought about how the spread of Western ideas could cause such tension between two groups of people. This tension has influenced the actions of terrorists. Some terrorists hate the Western world so much, that they go through extreme lengths such as suicide bombing to try to cause harm and chaos to countries such as the United States.

In America, we constantly say, “shop local”. I believe that this has double standards. I think it is important to support America’s economy because it is our country and our economy. By shopping local, you are helping local Americans and business owners. But, at the same time, there are people in other countries who need our business as well. I believe that as a whole, the world needs to stop only being considered with themselves but with people as a whole. Our class decided that the definition of a global community is “all people around the world living by and fighting for similar social values and basic rights”. I think that this definition still holds true but unfortunately, not a lot of people follow it. Most people are more concerned about only fighting for their own country. I am extremely proud to be an American and will always support our country but going abroad has taught me that every country is important. Whether we have our differences or not, we are all human.

When choosing a picture for this travel log, I found myself having great difficulty. I decided to look at the list of quotes that was given to us for inspiration. I came across the quote, “Perhaps travel cannot prevent bigotry, but by demonstrating that all people cry, laugh, eat, worry, and die, it can introduce the idea that if we try and understand each other, we may even become friends” by Maya Angelou. This quote spoke to me because I have always been once to be concerned with other people. As a child, I made my mom sign me up to be an “adopt a parent” to another little girl in Lebanon. I used to do chores every month, so that my mom would send her money. I found growing up that there are people who lack that compassion that I was lucky enough to have been instilled by my parents. I agree that maybe the lack of compassion or simply understanding could lead to bigotry. This bigotry could lead to a lack of caring about others globally, which has resulted in the humanitarian crisis that we constantly find ourselves in.

I chose this picture because I believe that children show the reality of what humans should be. Children are loving and caring to all because of their innocence. At some point this innocence is lost and prejudice is born. When looking at this group of children, I remember that every one is the same because we all started out exactly the same way. Every one of us was once a child and has developed into the adults we are today. I think it is important to remember the importance of the global community because at the end of the day we are all humans. I think it is necessary to start thinking about how we can positively effect globalization.



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