Travel Log 7: Global Responsibility

The cartoon depicts a web of the words Hutu and Tutsi intertwined with one another. These were the two groups involved most heavily in the Rwandan Genocide. Members of the Hutu group slaughtered the Tutsi as they saw them as inferior. The groupings were given to them during colonial times by the Germans and Belgians and then created a social hierarchy which lead to great bloodshed. The cartoon shows that the groups are arbitrary and in reality all combine to create the Rwanda that stands as is today. The artist’s message is one of tolerance and unity. Through the tight web it is at first hard to make out that it is saying Hutu and Tutsi and therefore is saying that there is little real distinction between the two groups. It is also showing that the two can coexist and be happy.

Upon rereading the Universal Declaration of Human Rights it is clear that the genocide violated a vast number of the rights. Most immediately that these rights are given to all people, “without distinction of any kind, such as race, colour, sex, language, religion, political or other opinion, national or social origin, property, birth or other status,” (UDHR). Upon this first offense so many of the other articles are broken, obscured and bent. What the UDHR stands for is a set base of rights that should be allowed to all people born on this planet. From someone born is a developing country to someone born in one of the most advanced countries in the world. The rights are equal and should not be infringed upon. During the genocide many rights were infringed. In a normal situation the government should be protecting its citizens and their rights but in the situation of Rwanda the government was the perpetrators. In this type of situation other governments or the UN needs to step in. This did not happen and therefore the rights were tarnished and people lost their lives and their liberty. This is a mistake to be learned from and it seems as if the UN has to a degree where in the Democratic Republic of the Congo’s Civil War. Since the genocide had an impact on creating the civil war the UN has poured aid and forces into the country in order to attempt to alleviate the harm they almost allowed to happen.



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