Travel Log 7: “Global Responsibility” Part 2. By Nicholas Daniele. Barcelona, Spain

Prior to studying abroad, I heard that American students were considered entitled. It’s funny that Slimbach mentions the same thing. Some of the accusations that Slimbach mentions may be true. I know here in Barcelona that some students are 100% guilty of this. Some students don’t make an effort to adapt to the new culture, and expect the culture to adapt to him or her. They don’t make an effort to speak the language or try new things. They only sleep and go out to clubs. Such a shame. I wouldn’t consider myself guilty of any of these. I try to speak the language and adapt to the culture by trying different foods. I think if study abroad students try to speak the language of the countries they go they could show that they take the study abroad process seriously.

I remember one instance I was in a restaurant and there was a table of American students sitting not too far by. They were ordering with the waiter and everything was going well until one of them could not get their order across the waiter. She kept saying it in English, but the waiter could not understand. She then had to take out the menu to show him, and then when he left she was all mad that he didn’t understand her. I mean… she is in a foreign country where English isn’t the first language. I was pretty annoyed by that because it kind of shows that American students are entitled a little bit.

Something that strays away from the question that I would like more information is why only American students? What does Slimbach think about… say German students? I feel like American and its people are always the one picked on. Germany has universal healthcare – does that make them feel entitled? What if they came to America where health care is privatized? Not that I am picking on Germany, but what is it exactly that makes American students? When reading the chapter I am not sure I understood if Slimbach really knows. He mentions that Americans are entitled, but doesn’t mention really how. I wish he touched upon that so us as the reader can improve our reputation.



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