Travel Log 7: “Global Responsibility” Part 1. By Nicholas Daniele. Barcelona, Spain

This cartoon is pretty simple, but it gets a large message across. The cartoon depicts the UN’s reaction to the crisis is Rwanda. Except that is the funny thing… there was no reaction. The United Nations did not help the people there. While the UN did send their “peace keepers” to the site, they were not allowed to do anything. The Quora website talks about the genocide in depth. It states that “the failure of the UN is clear: they did not supply the mission with enough resources and gave unclear directions which led to the peacekeepers not being able to use force to even defend themselves, let alone stop any of the killing.” So while the UN soldiers were technically present during the genocide, they were not allowed to use force because the politicians did not allow it.rwanda.jpg

The actions of the UN are questionable. The UN made the declaration of humans rights, and is supposed to protect it – which they don’t. Article 5 states that “no one shall be subjected to torture or to cruel, inhuman or degrading treatment or punishment” ( The picture I chose is pretty ironic because that is exactly what is happening in the cartoon. The UN soldier is present there, but is sleeping because he can’t do anything. It is pretty infuriating. So while people were massacred and removed from their homes, the UN soldier is unable to do anything about it because he does not have authorization. This is politics at its finest. I don’t think things have even changed from the way they were back then. There are people all over the world who the UN is technically “supposed” to protect, but nothing gets done due to fear of political repercussions. Every country is only interested in themselves at the end of the day.


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