Travel Log 7: Exploring Stereotypes

The Rwandan genocide was more of a one sided civil war if you will and when only one side fights, the other one ends up being eradicated and slaughtered.  The Hutu government in power killed, raped, and slaughtered the Tutsi people in 1994 and since then has created more conflict than just the lives of the Rwandan people.  Now what is the very first Human Right that you have just by being born? “All human beings are born free and equal in dignity and rights. They are endowed with reason and conscience and should act towards one another in a spirit of brotherhood.”  Therefore, the Rwandan people of the Tutsi decent were denied even the very first article of Human Rights while the Hutu people defied just the second sentence.

The political cartoon I chose to highlight is below, where it really goes right for the jugular if we’re being totally honest.  The cartoon advertisement shows that in 1994, well before we were born, that while the genocide was going on, that the UN did nothing to help.  Meanwhile today, or the current day that this cartoon was made during the genocide/civil war of the DRC (Democratic Republic of Congo).  In 1996 the Democratic Republic of Congo entered into a brutal civil war as an aftermath of the Rwandan genocide.  The cartoonist is trying to get across that the reason behind the civil war of the Democratic Republic of Congo was because they let Rwanda get so bad.  They allowed Rwanda to be so ruined that a civil war broke out in a neighboring country.  Meanwhile, the Genocide concludes in Rwanda and the United Nations suddenly felt responsibility for allowing the civil war in the Democratic Republic of Congo and dealt with it like they should have during the Rwandan genocide.  As a result of United Nations neglect, the Democratic Republic of Congo civil war has claimed, as of 2015, more lives than in all of World War II.  By 2008, over 5.4 million people had died and it’s birth can be traced almost directly to the genocide of the Tutsi people in Rwanda.  If the United Nations had followed their own Declaration of Human Rights then the people of Rwanda should have had their basic rights protected which from this artist’s point of view were not.

Screen Shot 2017-03-02 at 6.56.05 PM.png


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