Travelogue 8: “Global Responsibility” Part 2, by Breanna Hegarty. Galway, Ireland.

Before reading Simbach’s Becoming World Wise I had always considered myself to be socially and culturally conscious. Throughout the year I would volunteer for numerous organizations, ranging from food banks, child cancer to environmental cleanup. Also when possible, I always offer up what little money or food I have to those on the streets without food or shelter. Yet while reading chapter one Wise for the World I realized that I only make small local contributions, and they are just that, small and only aids an already strong nation. Yes, each of these contributions are still meaningful, yet in a way they are more luxury than necessity. Most of the money I raise for child cancer, goes to research, meanwhile that money could have saved thousands of lives from hunger or homelessness in another country.  I am blind to the troubles of the world around me and I make little to no effort to become aware or to fulfill my global social responsibilities. This is even shown in my decision to study abroad in Ireland. Instead of going to a developing country where I could learn the language and aid the community in becoming more developed, I chose a country that is already developed, that spoke English and has all the same amenities and luxuries as America. There was little effort or new knowledge that I needed to obtain before coming to this country, and that was primarily one of the main reasons I chose it. My choice, although has meaning and good reasoning behind it, was a lazy choice, and laziness makes you ignorant, and ignorance is a luxury that others have to pay for.

One way in which I intend on diminishing this ignorance and to start taking action towards my global responsibility is through knowledge and awareness. Simbach states “we learn to serve with the people, without doing things for the people” (p.20). I know I am unable to go to each developing country and offer my physical aid, so I will do the next best thing and bring awareness and try to acquire aid through this awareness. One of my primary downfalls is that I know little to nothing about the world around me and the crisis’s that are arising, which is why my first step is to begin watching and reading the news and to do research on current crisis’s such as the one in Syria. With this knowledge I will then use my skills acquired from school, as a marketing major, and spread awareness to others and to help them stop hiding behind their ignorance the way I did. I have also already started a monthly donation with World Vision, in which my money will go to those in need in Syria, for food, shelter and other necessities.









This is a picture I took of a statue by my school. Everyday I would pass it and would think of how I want to be like her, breaking free from the mold. Yet now when I pass it, I will think of me breaking free from ignorance, striving to do better and to be better.



Work Cited

Slimbach, Richard. Becoming World Wise: A Guide to Global Learning. Sterling, VA: Stylus Pub. LLC., 2010. Print.


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