Travel Log 7: “Global Responsibility” Part 1 by Alexandra Holmes. Broadbeach, Australia

The Human Bill of Rights was proclaimed in 1948. Almost seventy years ago, this document was put into place. The document is meant to protect each and every one of us. As Americans, these rights seem obvious. We have the right to be free regardless of any color, sex, language, or religion. We have the right to never be held as a slave. Every one is equal under the law. To us, these are all unquestionable. It is almost silly to think that there needs to be a document stating these rights. You would think that everyone in the world would have the same rights as us because they deserve those rights. Unfortunately, even in American people are still lacking some of those rights. We continue to make strides in the LGBT community towards equality. Equality, which should have been there all along. The black community is still making strides to be recognized and treated as equal in the eyes of the law. In a country, where we pride ourselves on our freedom, some of us are still not free. It is crazy to think how in the year 2017, there are still places where freedom is a foreign thing. In 2017, women all over the world do still not have the same rights and freedom as men. We have come extremely far as a country and globally, but there is still so much more to be done before the entire world follows the Human Bill of Rights.


This cartoon depicts how the blatant disregard for Human Rights has been occurring since the 1900’s. Every single time it happens, the world shouts “Never Again”. But as seen in this cartoon, it happens again and again and again. One horrific event after another all resulted in the mass murders of millions of innocent people. In 1994, in Rwanda experienced genocide between the Hutu and the Tutsi. In 1994 the killing began in April and continued for almost one hundred days by the “Hutu Power” movement. Approximately 1,000,000 Tutsis were murdered. Shake Hands with the Devil : The Journey of Romeo Dallaire is based around Romeo Dallaire’s experience in Rwanda. During this time people were getting murdered as the world watched. Countries including Belgium, France, and the United States failed to send support to stop the genocide even though they knew what was going on. The United Nations was formed to help the world remain peaceful and free but decided to completely ignore Rwanda during their time of need. There were troops sent to help Rwanda but they were eventually pulled out. This genocide violated the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, article 3. This article discusses the right to life. The Hutu Power took that right away and the UN did nothing to stop it.

Unfortunately, the disregard of Human Rights is still occurring. The most recent example is the bombing of Allepo, Syria. The world has been standing by and watching as thousand of innocent civilians in Syria are being murdered. There have been videos in the media of children who have survived being blown up. There have been thousands of tweets from people in Allepo, begging for their life. But, no one seem to come to their aid.

The problem with this in America, is that everyone wants to help out other countries until its time to actually send our troops. Once the American troops are sent over, people tend to start complaining and begging to bring them home. It’s a hard decision to make because no one wants Americans to be killed but at the same time every life on this earth matters. Men and women who sign up for the military sign up because they want to help fight for our country and make a difference in this world. I hope that one day, we can live in a world where everyone is willing to help out any country in need, regardless of the circumstance.


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