Travel Log 3 Betwixt and Between… so this is Liminality

It has been interesting transitioning into the life of someone in Barcelona. The language is different, the food is different and different things happen at different times in the day. I wake up each day and have a small breakfast and by the time I am out of my first class by lunch time my stomach growls for attention. Lunch however is not generally eaten until 2. Lunch is also a big meal which is hard to adjust to. Then by dinner at 9-10 I again am crawling to the stove to make food because I am not hungry enough at lunch to have a large meal. I am slowly trying to make dinner smaller and lunch larger but it isn’t easy with classes blocking lunch times. I’m slowly transitioning to life in Barcelona.

Along with the differences I am experiencing I also have to deal with the actual separation from being at home in the US. It is interesting seeing different posts on social media during the few times I go on. The ones that pull me back to home are political as right now is a very interesting time for politics. The clips from different confirmation hearings are troubling to me and bring me back to thoughts of the US and its future. To see different people who will be in charge of such large responsibilities and organizations within our government who are unprepared or ill-chosen is hard for me to watch. This especially is one of the few things that pulls me back to the US.

Besides the few issues I am facing I am really enjoying getting to know Barcelona better. Between classes, I walk to get lost and find new wonders the city has to offer. Whether it be a new market with delicious food or a Gaudi building that inspires wonder, the possibilities seem to be endless. I have only seen just a small part of the city but I plan to keep pushing out and seeing more. My spanish is improving and I am trying more and more to talk to strangers for practice. Hopefully, soon, I will be able to meet more locals and get to know them better so I can experience the city the way people my age in Spain do. I want to know where they go, what they eat and what they like to do. I know that as an American I am relatively stuck to the promoted clubs and bars, along with what I find on the internet but I want to get a more local experience.

It has been interesting experiencing all of these changes with a group of other study abroad students. We have explored together and I can see in them the same struggles that I sometimes have. Although, I appreciate being able to have people to go through this time with it would be nice to have a smaller group at times or just to be alone. I plan to in the upcoming weeks go off alone or meet different people to fulfill these needs for myself and my time here. I think this will help me with whatever challenges I will be facing in the future. Seeing new faces and making them familiar will be a nice change of pace.


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