Travel Log 2: “Looking Behind and Looking Ahead: Rites of Separation” by Emily Drinkwater. Billerica, Massachusetts

Robert Louis Stevenson stated that “I travel not to go anywhere, but to go. I travel for travel’s sake. The great affair is to move.” When reading that quote I realized that’s how I viewed my life. I always wanted to travel. There didn’t need to a destination or an end goal but I just always needed to be on the move. I personally don’t like to settle; never have really but, I think the reason for that was that my family likes to settle. They are so content with everything in their life that they don’t feel like anything has to change. They don’t need to travel because either we’re tight for cash or the say “what are we going to get from this experience? It’s just going to be wasted on us.” And they’re right the experience would be a waste, they don’t see the value of traveling, the experience and knowledge that it can give to them but I do see the value. That’s why whenever I had the chance I would leave. I went out of state for school, I traveled in high school to France, and I’ve done two service trips through Quinnipiac to Nicaragua.

When I told my parents that I was planning on studying abroad in Spain to say it wasn’t a surprise was an understatement. They nodded their head and said they already knew I was planning on it. When I asked how they said, that most students study abroad their junior year and that they knew spring was the better semester for traveling. All they were waiting for was the location and the date I would fly out. Honestly, I think it would have been more of a surprise if I told them i didn’t want to study abroad. Nonetheless I still wrote my separation letter to my immediate family which consists of my mom and dad and my younger brother who is now a sophomore in college. You can include my cats Thunder and Moose and also my fish Bob as part of the family as well, my mom views them as her children now and has shoved my brother and I to the side like a pair of dirty socks but we take it in stride. I sat my family down in the living room and opened my letter with a quote from Augustine of Hippo. He stated that, “the world is a book and those who do not travel read only one page.” From a family that doesn’t travel I thought they would consider that as me  insulting them but they actually agreed with the quote. My mom and dad said they wish they had the travelbug and the opportunities that I’ve made for myself but they didn’t but they still wanted me to not take this opportunity for granted. I will not take this once in a lifetime chance for granted. I know that our society and our way of living has so much to be thankful for, we are so lucky and we don’t even realize how bad some other people have it because we don’t see that aspect of life. I have seen that side of poverty and I think about how everyday that for some reason I have won life’s lottery. And since I happened to be born at the right place at right time and have been given these chances I will try to give back as much as I can to this world. But as I get ready for Spain I have not started packing yet which is something I find difficult. How am I going put my “life” in a bag that can’t be more than 50 pounds? So tomorrow I will pack hopefully with my mom’s help and that will be the last of things to check off the to-do list before I get on the plane.

But on the other hand:

  • I am ready for the separation that will soon be arriving in the next few days. I am ready to travel to Spain and to learn in the classroom that is called the world.
  • I am ready for the future and all that it holds.
  • I am ready to have the chance to experience whatever this trip has in store for me and to experience everything in its entirety.
  • I am ready.


    In Leon, Nicaragua creating cement from rocks, dirt, water and cement mix from scratch.

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One thought on “Travel Log 2: “Looking Behind and Looking Ahead: Rites of Separation” by Emily Drinkwater. Billerica, Massachusetts

  1. Em I loved reading this. When you said “I have won life’s lottery”, I couldn’t agree more! It’s so exciting being out in the world and I cannot understand why your family doesn’t like to travel. My family is kinda similar but I’m finally getting them to see that there is more to the world than the US. It’s overwhelming like there is so much to do but so little time to do it. I can barely handle the whole of London let alone the rest of the UK or the world. I can’t wait to read more of what you write when you arrive!

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