“Looking Behind and Looking Ahead:Rites of Separation” by Andrew Rivera. Oradell, NJ

“Experience does for the soul; what education does for the mind.” The quote by the internet personality and YouTube sensation Casey Neistat. This quote really spoke to me because I am currently doing both of these activities. I am going to a great institution to further my education and mind, and now I am about to travel the world to enhance my soul. On my trip abroad I want it to be about the number of moments that my breath was taken away, not the amount of breaths that I take outside of my comfort zone. Even though I am only 5 days away from my trip I still feel connected to my routine and I believe that I really need to prepare myself and family to conquer this journey of separation. In general, I would say I am very close to my immediate family, especially my mom, who facetimes me, and calls me at least once a week when I am at school. I think not being able to talk to her and having her to always fall back on will be the hardest part about leaving the states.

I think that a successful study abroad experience for me would be going out every day and exploring something new. Whether that be just walking down a new street, and looking into a new shop that I might have not seen before, or trying a new food that I wouldn’t likely try when I am in the states. I just want to be intrigued by everything that I see, and see it from my perspective and the native people’s perspective. I also feel that another successful experience would be to try to learn the language of the home country, and also trying to live as a true native. I believe that I can achieve a very successful trip abroad and have experiences that I will cherish with me for life.

An unsuccessful study abroad experience would be sitting around, and getting into a routine while I am abroad. Everyday going to class, coming back to my apartment, and just not getting out and exploring. The whole reason we are in another country is to get out of our comfort zones and see sites that we can’t see at Quinnipiac. I strongly believe that my trip abroad will be nothing short of extraordinary. No one that I have met that has studied abroad said they had a horrible time, I have only heard great things about it. If I can follow all of the steps that we learned in our workshop I trust that my experience will be amazing.

In our daily lives all of use experience challenges, some big, some small, but whatever you do you have to persevere and fight through. No matter the difficulty of the situation you have to believe that you can get through it. I think that some of my biggest challenges are going to be adapting to the schooling system and traveling much more than I’m used to. I know there are going to me many more challenges that I face and I am ready to attack them. When will you get another opportunity to be in Europe for 4 months at a time? Not many, that’s what I will use as motivation to get me through the expected and unexpected challenges of my time abroad.


Mr. Krabs

I think this picture describes my journey to date. First the semester ended and it felt so good to finish and to be back home and relax. But fast forward a few weeks later and here I am 5 days before my flight to Barcelona and I feel as if I have so much to do. Even though it is a cartoon from the show SpongeBob I still believe that it hits on my emotions, thoughts, and actions. My emotions and thoughts are running a million miles per hour, and at the moment I don’t know what to do with myself. I know that in the end I will get my act together but if I were to leave today I would be in trouble.


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