TL 10 : Encountering Globalization by Mazel Genfi, London, England

Before coming to London, I was used to the idea of Globalization. Now, since being here, I feel like I’m experiencing a different type of Globalization.  Globalization is the process by which businesses and/or organizations develop influence or begin to operate on an international scale. Globalization is so present in London & that sometimes I find it extremely. weird.  No matter what neighborhood, I’ve been in I see the same things: KFC, Starbucks, and McDonalds.  It actually feels suffocating sometimes because, I feel like I’m not experiencing a full rounded study abroad experience.

While walking around London, you see all the familiar brands from back home. And, when I think I’m going to drink the same thing: NOPE. It completely tastes different. Drinks such as Coke are made with real sugar in Europe and the UK, while back in America it’s made with high fructose corn syrup. Robins states that “with mobility, comes encounter. Global encounters and interactions are producing incentive new cultural forms and repertoires.” (240).Companies switch up their recipes and products to target certain demographics It’s so weird to know that KFC is so popular here, when actually it is not that great in the US. Then again, you sometimes see what is popular in the states become a phenomenon here in the UK.  

When you see things like Mcdonald’s and other chain restaurant, you see it  kind of stick out like a sore thumb. Robins states a “dimension of global change has been sought to dissolve the frontiers and divisions between different cultures”(242). This philosophy is mostly caused by large corporations and is known as “McDonaldization”. These large businesses are taking over the culture of different countries and watering it down to sell their products. It’s so annoying to realize that’s happening because it takes so much away from the abroad experience. So wherever I go, I make sure I eat and shop local as my way of feeding into the culture.

After watching the T-Shirt Travels video, I still don’t think Globalization is so bad after all. It just has a few bad aspects. The clothes we don’t want are helping someone else’s livelihood. The only thing is that their culture kind of  being taken away. Globalization has its ups and down. Now realizing, it’s kind of weird knowing that somewhere in Ghana, somebody is wearing my old highschool uniform because I always give away my clothes not realizing what is being done with after it’s out of my position.


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