Kirsten Fraser-Robina QLD, Australia


Hi I’m Kirsten Fraser and I am a junior in the Entry Level Master’s of Physician Assistant program. I choose to study abroad in order to expand on my sense of independence. I also want to live in another country later in life. I choose to study abroad in Australia because this is a country I will possibly want to live in. While in Australia I would want to look into the differences between American healthcare and Australian healthcare. I related to the quote by Slimbach, which stated, “The very act of moving from one place to another helps create a space where we can bump up against strangeness and reexamine some of the settled assumptions we hold regarding the world—and ourselves.” In Australia, I hope to expand my “settled assumptions” and open myself up to change and exploration. I foresee my knowledge of Rites of Passage theory growing as I experience each of the stages in my study abroad experience. I foresee a challenge for myself to be separating myself from my family at home. I will acknowledge this challenge and use the ideologies of Rites of Passage to overcome this challenge in a healthy and positive manner. I will work with my communitas to make the most of my experience and to help immerse myself in the culture of Australia.


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