Joseph Sansevero – Budapest, Hungary

My name is Joseph Sansevero, I am 3+1 CIS major and Finance minor, in my third year of college. I choose to study abroad for many reasons. Largely I feel as though my experience at Quinnipiac University has been a fantastic period of personal growth and development. Not only has my academic knowledge, but I have a better vision of the world around me and my place in it.abroad Yet at this point I feel as though I have tapped out a lot of the resources that I needed for my growth to continue at the same rate. Going abroad is my answer to this dilemma. I have chosen Budapest as it is an out of the ordinary place for studying abroad. It is a centrally located in Europe which will allow me to travel to a lot of the destinations around Europe. Furthermore I have a passion for economics and a lot of the classes that I am taking revolve around the Hungarian economy. In studying a socialist economy I hope to be able to better compare to our own.

A large focus in my high school was studying rites of passage in literature so I have been aware of the concept for a while. Yet I believe understanding this is extremely important to the abroad experience. Recognizing that we are taking a hiatus from our normal lives, having an extremely intense experience, and coming back a changed more developed person. With these new experiences our lives will change and provide perspective on the routines that we are in back at home. “…the task of reinventing initiation requires not only the construction of ritual… it also requires the reconstitution of community” (Grimes, 2000, p.124). It is my personal belief that the culture in America would be far better off if it was tradition for all kids about our age to travel in a similar manner to what we will be doing. To me it should be a necessity for people to go out and experience the world and other cultures. It is a disappointing fact that less than 20% of the American population even owns a passport. This means that so many people have never even left our country and have very little perspective on how the world operates.


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