Ian Zeitlin – Barcelona, Spain

I chose to study abroad because I’ve always really enjoyed traveling and learning about different cultures. Since I was young travel has been such a huge part of my life. My grandparents worked very hard throughout their life so they now are able to travel when and where they want. On big birthdays or milestones, they would take us as a family or specific grandchildren on trips. We would go to New York for our 5th birthday, a local weekend trip for our 10th, 10 days internationally for our bar or bat mitzvah and on multiple occasions we as a whole family have traveled for their birthdays.

I chose to study in Spain because I have been learning Spanish since elementary school. Also, on one of the trips my grandparents took us on we went an hour north of Barcelona for a week and a half and I really loved the country and want to be able to see much more of it in a more meaningful way. Along with Spain, I want to visit many other countries to see what makes them special.

I plan to “ensure that the event will not die in the doing,” (Grimes 135). I plan to write on top of the travel logs in a more creative way. I this semester have gotten more into writing and plan to take my experiences further by doing so. The writing will help me in my understanding of whatever Rite of Passage I go through in a deeper way.


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