Alexandra Holmes- Robina QLD , Australia


screen-shot-2016-12-03-at-1-23-22-pmHello! My name is Alexandra Holmes and I am an Entry Level Masters Physician Assistant student. I am going to Bond University in Australia.

I chose to study abroad because I love to push myself to new limits. Throughout my life I have learned to accept that life is not certain. We are lucky to wake up every day, which pushes me to take advantages of every opportunity in life. It is kind of a “rite of passage” for the girls in my neighborhood to go to Australia. I am now the fourth person to go to Australia and I could not be more excited. The reason why I chose Bond University was due to its location. Being directly on the beach for four months sounds way to good to be true. I can also say confidently that I am not a “go with the flow” type of person. I struggle with anxiety especially when things do not go as plan. I am hoping that the lay back culture of Australia will help to change me for the better.

Going abroad is an experience that not every one is lucky enough to get. I think that some people chose not to go abroad because they are scared. I think the scariest part of going abroad is leaving everyone behind. At one point I was considering not going just because I did not want to leave my Quinnipiac friends behind. I think that the Rite of Passage will help us to make our transition from Quinnipiac to Australia. I have sought out mentors from people who have recently gone abroad. They have helped me to calm my nerves and help me realize and get ready for the experience of a lifetime.

I think it will be difficult for me to adjust originally but I can already tell that this course is going to help me with my transition. The second I step onto my plane I think I will be entering into the liminal status. I am hoping that the people that I meet along my journey will help me to transition into my new status. I want to emerge from this trip as a better version of myself. I am proud of who I have become in these past twenty years but there is definitely room for improvement. I am hoping to be able to learn how to relax and not stress the little things.

“A journey is best measured in friends, rather in miles” is by Tim Cahill was a quote that stood out to me. I think that I am who I am because of the people that I choose to surround myself with. Every one has different stories that made them who they are. I met my best friend at Quinnipiac and I would not be who I am today without her. She has taught me to be stronger than I ever thought I could be. I hope when I go abroad to find people like her. I want to find people who will push me to be the best version of myself.


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