TL 9:Stereotypes by Mazel Genfi, London, England

Like I’ve said in previous log post, London has been a roller coaster for me.   A lot of my original thoughts of London have been verified and corrected.It’s always been a dream of mine to go London because I thought it would be just like NYC, but even better. I was tired of being at QU because I was kind of tired of the lack of diversity on campus. So coming to London, I was expecting the many different faces and that is exactly what I got.

I always thought of London of this fashionable city.Everyone  is always dressed nice and for some odd reason I thought people like to say the word “innit”.So for starters, not a lot of people say “innit, However, the style here is extremely eclectic. All the students are usually dressed up for class in the latest trends. There is no such thing as a sweatpants day. Girls are in their best outfits and their faces are “beat”. I remember reading the email on how to pack and that we should limit the amount of sweats we pack because that was not the norm in London. I remember trying to go to class in sweats and I just felt so out of place. The British are so focused on looks that sometimes it’s actually ridiculous. One time, me and my groups friends weren’t allowed into a club because we didn’t have any heels on. It’s actually annoying sometimes, I want to able to be comfortable, but I can’t because I have to look my best. For example, there was this decked out in a lot of high end brands and I calmly thought to myself, “ it’s not that deep, it’s only medieval literature.” Another thing I’ve noticed about the brits, is that they are very slow paced. I think it’s the new yorker in me, I get so upset that they take their time. However, it kind of teaches me to take my time. I noticed here I’m always on the go or in a rush. So maybe, the slow walking forces me to take my time.

The way they see Americans here is very mixed and polarizing. The first one I always hear is that Americans are loud and very boisterous. The british are friendly, however they don’t take the first step to initiate the friendship. This may be a generalization but it is how many other countries perceive us. Another stereotype is that we’re all violent. I do believe us Americans have a slightly larger tolerance to the violence, but we’re not all violent people. And, it’s  annoying that they bring the whole gun law issue and why we should get rid of it, when it’s more than that. Lastly, a lot of British people believe Americans are extremely racist and it isn’t a safe place for people of color. Yes, we deal with systemic racism and other discriminatory issues, but not everywhere in America is a racist wasteland. Here in London, i can’t even get makeup or hair products that pertains to my needs.  While these stereotypes may be true on some levels a lot of it comes from a lack of understanding and “emerge to fill a vacuum of knowledge” as stated by Adel. Sometimes it’s annoying that people here kind of look down on Americans on certain things, but this country has its flaws as well. I always say that all the time when people try to make America not the greatest place in the world._82332067_balconyshot_pa_624

The picture that I used is of the royal family.
In America, we’re kind of obsessed with them. Meanwhile, here everyone is annoyed with crap. They feel like they are a waste of taxes and they don’t need to be in Buckingham palace living on the money of hardworking British people. I found  that so surprising that they felt that way.


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