Travel Log 10 “Encountering Globalization” by Chase Chiga. Shanghai, China.

Globalization is a very interesting idea and concept in today’s world that I have to deal with daily. I am an International Business so Globalization is a concept that is talked about often in school. Back in the United States, we encounter globalization everywhere like how Kevin Robins describe, “Walk down your local high street and you will be aware of global chains such as McDonalds and Benetton.” Part of me expected china to be different but I was completely wrong. Shanghai is itself a global city, it was built up by the west and china to be a global city of trade. As such it is a lot more open to globalization than other Chinese cities. Within this city, you are able to get all manners of non-Chinese goods. If I go to the local mall I am, at least for the most part, not seeing Chinese stores but American, European, or Japanese. I go to a local Chinese restaurant and can get a Coca-Cola and sometimes can even order off of a menu written in both Chinese and English. Every day I can see signs of this city not being just Chinese but a truly global city.

Globalization itself is a two-way spread of influence, even if it isn’t a 1 to 1 ratio. Globalization isn’t just the spread of products but of ideas and that is where I can have the most influence. A few weeks ago I had a test in one of my classes and after my friend and I had finished our test, but waiting for another to finish, our Chinese professor called us out of the class and proceeded to ask us about the US politics and political ideas and we asked about china’s politics . This spreading of ideas is what truly makes globalization, it can create influence so many at such a fast rate.

This definition of a global community is always evolving however I do think it is important to express globalization within the definition. If we were to describe a global community globalization goes right along with it because in order to have the connections to a global community it would have to bring ideas and people from different areas across the world. However, it is also important to stress the equality and acceptance. In a truly global community, there can’t be favoritism of a certain way of life and the lives of others should be respected as equal. If this is not respected then it wouldn’t truly be a global community but a community with an American-centric, European-centric, or Chinese-centric, whatever the dominate culture is in the community. Which leads not only to a failure of a global community but a failure of Globalization.

My picture this week is of a street in downtown shanghai. I chose this picture because it is a good way to show the global culture that exists in shanghai. You can easily see non-Chinese stores being the focus of the two malls. And if it weren’t for the Chinese signs someone could mistake this for a city in the United States. This is a good representation of the globalization of the city of shanghai. I have gone outside of shanghai and the towns are nothing like this but then downtown shanghai is another more global world than the rest of china.



One thought on “Travel Log 10 “Encountering Globalization” by Chase Chiga. Shanghai, China.

  1. Chase, I really love the picture in which you chose to represent your encounter with globalization while abroad. I have had this nostalgic feeling of being back home at times, confronting similar views as what is conveyed in this picture. It is definitely true that when removing street signs and evidence of foreign language, it can at times be confusing as to where exactly you are. The result of globalization has led to a world in which is growing in similarities. Do you find that these American stores are filled with tourists of Shanghai locals? I hope that you are enjoying Shanghai, it sounds like a great experience!


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