Travel Log 7 “Global Responsibility” Part 1 by Chase Chiga. Shanghai, China

For my political cartoon, I chose the one below depicting a hyena, representing the conflict between the Hutu and Tutsi conflict, preparing to attack a person representing Rwanda while the world sleeps in the background with the weapons to stop it if it wanted to. This is a great representation of how the world looked at the conflict and the genocide it caused. The UN and the world refused to react and even ignored the conflict until it was far too late to stop the genocide. This cartoon if very simple and straight forward, it does not point fingers on who to blame for the start of the conflict or its escalation just that the world failed to act when there was a very real genocide going on that could have been stopped.1417036593

Not only can this seem like a failure to stop a genocide but it can also be seen as the United Nations failing to uphold the Universal Declaration of rights. Article 3 of the declaration says that everyone has the right to life, liberty, and security of person, however the act of committing genocide break this right. It clearly states that members of the UN have a reasonability to uphold these right however nobody did. It is tough to justify why they didn’t intervene especially after the fact when we realize we should have done something. But, I believe the biggest reason that no one lifted a finger is, as horrible as it sounds, is that the nations didn’t view this a pressing and important issue in the world. Every nation has said that this will never happen again, the UN would not let another genocide occur but the fact of the matter is that has been said since the holocaust but there have been several since then including Rwanda. The argument could be made the Syria is a current genocide or has the potential to become the next one and again the UN is not willing to take decisive action to prevent it. The Rwanda genocide at the end of the day shows that the UN and the world can be a lot less willing to uphold these rights that ever person has and that we should work together more in the future to stop these events when the next one arrives, we need to take to motto of never again and actually stick to it.


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