Travel Log 7, “Global Responsibility” Part 1. By Mike Raimondo, Florence Italy

This cartoon, created by Ed Stein, depicts a graveyard littered with tombstones representing the victims of history’s genocides. We see names such as the “holocaust” or “Armenia” standing for more well known genocides while Bosnia and Rwanda are also represented in the background. Each tombstone has the words written in bold “never again,” symbolizing the message delivered to the world after the conclusion of genocides. History continues to repeat itself as genocides continue to unfold before our eyes while most of the world stands by. Article 8 of the Declaration on Human Rights states that, “Everyone has the right to an effective remedy by the competent national tribunals for acts violating the fundamental rights granted him by the constitution or by law.” This article alone should be enough to force the hand of the UN, EU and other global organizations to stop genocides before it is too late. genocideRwanda as well as the other victim nations represented in this cartoon should have been granted a quick and effective remedy to combat the devastation that occurred. What got in the way of stopping these genocides? I believe it is the noninterventionist approach that the world has succumb to. In order to appease the interests of the more powerful nations, smaller and poorer nations are left without attention. I believe the global communities are still lacking in their combat of genocide even today. Syria and ISIS forces have both taken part in mass destruction of civilian lives. The political landscape of the United States prior to the 2016 election is centered around the Middle East and how to stop the death toll from increasing. Proposals have been made by both candidates, the White House, UN and the EU but no action has taken serious measures of combating ISIS and the murder of millions of civilians. The compassion and sympathy needed to fight genocide is lacking and unless the heads of state in major nations and international organizations prioritize the issue, it will continue to be a problem. The ISIS execution of thousands of Yazidis in Syria and Iraq is utterly shocking in the numbers since the even has gone rather unreported.




2 thoughts on “Travel Log 7, “Global Responsibility” Part 1. By Mike Raimondo, Florence Italy

  1. Mike,
    I completely agree with you–genocides are occurring as we speak but we aren’t doing anything to stop them. Rather we vow to “never again” let them happen, but they always do. While I truly support the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and all it stands for, all of these issues kind of make me wonder if it is anything more than a piece of paper, as no true action has been made to prevent violations. Why do you think we do not hear about these issues nearly as much as we should?


  2. Mike,

    Your blog regarding this issue was very insightful and well-written. The photo in which you have posted is a great representation of the failures Global superpowers have continuously, and still continue, to make. Time after time this world sees devastation, and directly after the scenes are cleaned of evidence, we tell ourselves that we will not let such a thing happen again: “Never Again”. However, our history books show how foolish mankind looks, after repeating the same mistakes and overlooking human devastation and genocide.

    Similarly, I also related the Rwanda Genocide to the current crisis of Syria and ISIS. It is saddening to know that Global superpowers are fully aware of the innocent civilian lives in which are taken constantly overseas, but the issue has not stopped. Fear often keeps boarders thick and heads turned. Hopefully our generation can raise awareness of this issues and create change that will destroy the cycle of historical repetition.


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