Travel Log 7, “Global Responsibility” Part 1 by Katheryn DeMarey. Florence, Italy

The Rwandan Genocide is an event in history that not many Americans our age know a lot about. The name “Rwandan Genocide” rings a bell in many minds, but details are far and few between. The Rwandan Genocide took place for approximately 100 days in 1994 between the Tutsi and the Hutu. The dominant force was mainly comprised of the Hutu people – the Rwandan army, government militias and police forces – who openly attacked the Tutsi people in efforts to ‘destroy god’s enemies’. Nearly 70% of the Tutsi population was killed off during this massive event in Rwandan history.

genocideThe human rights cartoon that I chose to represent this event is called “She’s Waving Good-bye.” The artist’s message is to show how helpless the whole Rwandan population was while the rest of the world stood by to watch. Not only were the Tutsi people helpless because they were being openly attacked, but the Hutu people were also blinded by their values, religion and other dominant factors that caused them to lash out and kill over 20% of the Rwandan population. This being said, both sides of the ongoing 100 day genocide were struggling. Human rights violations are very prevalent not only in the genocide itself but also in this cartoon. It is inhumane to stand by and watch millions of innocent people die from a decision made by a ‘more dominant group’ of people. The group of people standing in the distance of the cartoon (other nations) are shown as watching the one person (Rwanda) die a slow and painful death. The blurbs saying ‘does she want something?’… ‘We should wave back I suppose’ … ‘As concerned nations, we ought to appear not rude’ represent how the surrounding nations should have been protecting the human rights of the Rwandan people (and these countries knew they should have been doing this based on the wording inside of the blurbs) but they decided to turn a cold shoulder. More recent events like this involve Syria and ISIS, both problems that the surrounding nations have yet to conquer.  To an extent, the global treatment of these violations have changed, but overall we still deal with this matter on a day to day basis. Not one country has made a serious effort to put an end to the killings and I believe that until one country directly feels the pain and suffering of others, this will continue to be a problem.

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2 thoughts on “Travel Log 7, “Global Responsibility” Part 1 by Katheryn DeMarey. Florence, Italy

  1. The lack of media coverage on the genocide was a large part as to why many people did not know about this event. It is even more sad that many leaders around the world were either oblivious or ignorant of the events taking place. What are some suggestions to fixing this issue in your opinion?


  2. I think if we provide the RIGHT media coverage and spend time educating the youth of the country we will be able to make a difference one generation at a time. If the world continues to turn a shoulder and shelter their youth from these types of events then it will be impossible to see change and to help stand up for other individuals human rights across the globe.


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