Travel Log 4“Studying Abroad…It’s More than Just a Walk in the Park” by Mazel B. Genfi London, England

As I walk around Mile End, the part of London I live in, I start to realise that I am slowly starting to feel like I belong here. The past two weeks have been  a little rough for me. It seems like whenever I try to step out of my box, I get pushed back in. Walking around the east end of London, you see the difference between there and the centre of the city.

It’s so hard to believe that I am here sometimes, I’m just waiting to wake up from this surprisingly realistic dream. Anyways, in my neighbourhood and campus, the people here walk around so casually. To the point that sometimes it angers me. I think it’s a New York thing because I’m so used to being fast paced. Someone once told me it’s because they like to enjoy the simple things in life. Walking around kind of made realise how close I am to certain things, like Victoria Park and whenever I look out my window, I can see Regents Canal. It has literally been told to me that walking is a teacher here in London, and I totally agree with that. I have learned so much by walking around and I’m starting to settle in.

The currency here was so hard to understand at first. I had to beat it into my head that 20 pounds isn’t the same as 20 dollars. The moment I knew the conversion was such a real thing was when I went out to the club for the first time. The lady told us 20 Quid and we were like absolutely no because drinks weren’t included.There’s coins for everything and I’m trying to figure out why the dime is so damn big. I’ve learned to manage and my dad told me that my journey kind of reminds himself of his trek to the US and learning to manage himself away from home. Even though I don’t eat out much I know that any meal under 5 pounds is a pretty cheap meal and depending on the item you know what is cheap and what isn’t.


My travelogue was an amazing read. I read it on the plan and I didn’t understand the quips and the anecdotes until I arrived here and started experiencing life here. It was a collection of stories from different people. It talked about their arrivals and departures from this lovely city that I call home now. I could really relate to some of the stories, especially the stories about the tube. The tube can be confusing until you learn the ropes of it. Even though there was some stories about some people having an awful times in the city, I related to their frustrations. However, you can always overcome those challenges.

Last weekend I decided to visit central London to take photos with Big Ben. I felt like the first time, it was kind of rushed. I didn’t get enough to bask in its beauty. Saturday was that day and I just simply took photos and slay. Hi London, I’m here to stay for the next three months.


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