Travelogue 14- Global Connections – Mitchell Trulli, Barcelona Spain

Global Connections is the fabric that connects people across the world, as stated it is issues, trends, and ideas that span across boarders. “If we allow, global learning will not only carry us into the world around us but also into this world within” (P.54) Global learning not only allowed me to learn about the amazing places I can see and discover in the world and how little I really have seen, but it also allowed me to realize how much I have to grow, how many people I still have to meet, things I have to learn, and it lit a fire inside of me to work harder so that one day I will have the opportunity to return to traveling the world and discover even more. It reminds me of the quote that knowledge is a curse, as to learn of the amazing world there is out there is also a curse because you are constantly yearning to  return. Having this opportunity has changed me completely, I feel as if I am a changed person who now knows of the incredible world and people there are to be discovered. It has been an experience that connects me with every world traveler, study abroad student, and “eye opened” person.
I believe in order to be a global person you must be much more accepting and open to others ways of living. I remember my first few weeks here I was quite aggravated at the way they live. Being a tall fast walker with long legs I would constantly trip and stumble over others who walk extremely slow as they do in Europe, its just the way it is, everything is more slow. As the semester comes to a close I find myself slowing down and enjoying things a lot more, walking slower and absorbing my surroundings, appreciating the scenery and sounds of the city around me. It is essential to not let your first impressions stick, and to give the changes a chance, to fully immerse yourself.
For my “saying goodbye” the friend group we had established went out to the “bunkers” which are the highest point in the city that overlooks the whole town. We grabbed some wine and watched the sunset over the city while we reminisced on the amazing four months we had abroad. It was a beautiful experience that I thoroughly enjoyed. We all made plans to visit one another when we returned to the states, whether we follow through and actually do so, who knows.

The emotions prior to leaving were more of excitement to get back to my friends back home and share the experiences I had. I have wrote down all of my favorite stories and I can’t wait to share them. As weird as it sounds I am excited to go home so that I can look forward to the next big adventure and travel experience. I do not think that my reincorporation will be tough, the only thing I worried about was that I would never stop sharing all my experiences! I am excited to see my family and look forward to being back to “reality” as these past four months have felt like a dream.


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