Travel Log 2 “Rites of Separation: Looking Behind and Looking Ahead: Expecting and Accepting the Unexpected” by Chase Chiga. Colorado Springs, Colorado.

With only a couple days left before I head out of the United States and on to my Rite of Passage, I took some time to create the separation letter for my family. Crafting the letter was honestly harder than I thought it was going to be because even though I have not left it is a first step to saying goodbye. It made the reality that I am heading to the other side of the world even more real. However, I might have an easier time with the separation stage then others do to Quinnipiac being so far away from my home already so heading across the world becomes a lot easier to stomach when you are used to heading across the United States. To ensure my separation is successful I will be trying to keep my contact with my friends and family back home to a minimum by setting up times to contact them and not contacting them outside of that time unless absolutely necessary.

The quote I identified as a good way to explain the importance of a successful separation is “The real voyage of discovery consists not in seeking new landscapes, but in having new eyes.” (Marcel Proust) this quote really reflects well not only for study abroad as a whole but with separation and the Rite of Passage. It goes into the ideas we spoke of during the workshops mainly that there is a lot more to a study abroad experience than just hanging out in a forging country. To truly experience studying abroad you need to learn from it and come out of it with a new view on the world. Going back to separation if you keep your home close to you and don’t separate the likelihood you will change and experience the world in a pair of eyes will greatly decrease. However, a big part of changing is measured on if it was successful but how do you define a successful experience. While it is different for everyone I would define a successful experience as learning a good amount about where you are as well as getting to know a lot of new people and gaining new friends.

As these days come to pass I will, as I have been for the past few weeks, ask myself over and over again if I really want to do this. My answer has always ended up as yes a do want to do this and I’m ready to go out on this adventure. However, this does not in any way stop myself from having mini freak outs because of the world I am about to enter into is so very different from anything I have experienced before. But, I then remind myself that even though this seems daunting now the experience gained will be well worth the fear. So like I have said I am ready for this and I will work my hardest to make this trip successful for me.

I have chosen this image of a long bumpy road to represent my experience so far because to me getting to this point has been like riding on a very bumpy road. Not only does it feel this way do to the amount of stuff I have h

bumpy road

A bumpy road

ad to do in such a short time to be able to experience this, like getting a visa, multiple applications, etc. but also that accurately describe my emotion to this trip. I seem to constantly be switching between the mindset that I am crazy for doing this and that this is going to be the best experience I have had. I am looking forward to the road smoothing out as the experience begins.


2 thoughts on “Travel Log 2 “Rites of Separation: Looking Behind and Looking Ahead: Expecting and Accepting the Unexpected” by Chase Chiga. Colorado Springs, Colorado.

  1. I agree with you on what a successful study abroad experience means. If I don’t make new friends and share new experiences with them, then I do not believe that I had the full experience. I really like the picture you used. Studying abroad will never be a smooth ride and there will definitely be bumps along the way.


  2. Saying goodbye to my family was really hard for me as well; particularly my cousins. We have a family beach party every year and this year it was at the beach where I work so I was forced to watch from afar the whole day. At the end all my cousins came in to say goodbye and it was really hard for me because I’ve grown up so close to them. I also feel that the preparation for studying abroad has been like a bumpy road and I am hoping that it will smooth out but I am not counting on that happening quickly!


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