Travelogue 11 – Half the Sky Mitchell Trulli – Barcelona Spain

Half the Sky is an eye opening documentary into the struggles of women across the world in different cultures. It allows you to get a glimpse into the life that lots of women live in, being born in the US most women are treated with equal respect as a man. I myself was incredibly surprised by the stories outlined during the movie.

The story that shocked me most was of a little girl who was raped by the town’s preacher in Africa. In this particular part there are thousands of rape cases a year and the center that they were interviewing has only had 1 successful prosecution. There is a big stigma against coming out about being raped, this young girl had the courage to do so and decided to press charges for being raped. As the story continues the family eventually catches the man and starts to press charges but suddenly the family is shunned by the community and the father of the household kicks the mother and daughter out of the house for embarrassing them. The daughter is considered tainted and is seen as a stain on the family name and now is forced to live on her own and survive because she spoke out about an atrocity that was committed against her. This struck me as I do not see how a parent who is supposed to have unconditional love for their child can kick them out at such a young age age after such a terrifying incident. The girl in the story was utterly shocked but seemed to keep her head up as she is a very strong girl. Eva Mendez seemed particularly distressed about this situation and she was most taken back when she asked the girl if she thought she was to blame and she hesitated because she thinks she could have stopped it from happening.

There was a woman who opened a “shelter” of sorts for women who had suffered from rape and also helped them prosecute their perpetrators. She was an extremely strong and courageous woman who has helped hundreds of people get through being raped. My area of study is business finance and entrepreneurship. One big thing that someone in my field or myself could do to help people in these situations is aid the “helpers”, micro loans are becoming extremely popular to help people get their small business or non-profits started in these third world countries. Helping people set up shelters and financing these local saviors would be an incredible experience that would help hundreds of young women in need. There are already dozens of websites that allow you to make micro loans to people in third world countries, sometimes all that is needed is $50 for a plow to kickstart a farm which will then support an entire community who will pay you back over the year with the earnings they generate from it. Such a small amount of money to someone in the US can change the life of someone in a third world country, we underestimate the power that we have to easily influence and help thousands of peoples lives across the world.

One of my high school friends and startup business partners David K has launched a startup non-profit called Skate4Africa which helps donate skateboards to kids in Africa to keep them occupied and out of illegal things.
This is a perfect example of how someone my age and in business can have an impact on peoples life halfway across the world. Although it is not helping women of violence it is a good example and inspiration for anyone who is looking for ways to help people.


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