Katheryn DeMarey – Florence, Italy.


Katheryn DeMarey

Traveling is not something my family is familiar with. I’ve grown up with smaller vacations to Maine and New Hampshire but never out of the country. Entering college I found myself looking to explore. This doesn’t necessarily mean I was looking to study abroad; I just wanted to connect with new people and experience life from a different perspective. Somehow I was led to the abroad program here at Quinnipiac and that’s where the adventure began. I chose to study abroad to break that routine of going to school and working every day. I decided to push my limits and take this once in a life time opportunity. After talking to my family and friends, I decided to go to Florence. I chose this location because I felt like it would be easy to travel Europe when staying in Italy and quite honestly; I didn’t have a very big preference when choosing where to stay. Many people pointed me to Italy and that’s where I have landed.

I foresee myself growing and expanding as a person. I will be going through a huge Rite of Passage in my life and it will affect me in many ways. I think I will be more aware of worldly problems, I will be better at communication and I will end up being a more well-rounded human being. As Henry Miller once said, “One’s destination is never a place, but a new way of seeing things.” I know I will find myself disconnected and distraught throughout my travel experiences and then suddenly connected to this whole new environment. This disconnect will provide me with more knowledge and room to grow than I can possibly imagine. After traveling to the Dominican Republic for a service trip, I can clearly see how traveling is more than arriving in a new country. It affects everyone in a different way. This Rite of Passage will heavily influence my transformation and future self.



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