JonCarlo DeFeudis – Sevilla, Spain.

Studying Abroad is an experience for me to explore a new world and expand my viewpoint of the global community. All I’ve ever really known has been my community here at Quinnipiac and my home town in Massachusetts. I’ve traveled to foreign places like Mexico and Iceland, however this experience will be something completely different. I chose Sevilla, Spain because I’ve studied Spanish since a young age and I would like to use my language skills to actually communicate with the locals and become a more integrated part of the community there than i would have been if i had not known Spanish. In my senior year of high school, I took a Spanish course in which we covered each Spanish speaking country in the world and learned about each distinct culture throughout the course. I wanted to go to every country. Spain stood out to me the most though. The history of the Moorish and Christian influence on Spain really caught my interest because its a thousand year old culture. Without much reason, curiosity and a sense of destiny draws me there.

I believe that this course and its guidelines will allow me to flourish as an individual experiencing new things in a foreign land. The Rites of Passage theory will definitely push me to go out of my comfort zone and ultimately make the best out of my time abroad. I can’t wait to sit down after every week in Spain and reflect on how I am growing and becoming a new person. The rites of passage seems like a motivating factor for me to have a full experience in Spain and in Europe, or wherever else I may go to in  my journey.

jdinvermont“The best journeys answer questions that in the beginning you didn’t even think to ask”

That quote speaks volumes to me. I am an introspective (or cognitive) thinker, and I know I have many questions and thoughts racing through my head on what is to come. But the quote really helps me realize that my questions will all be answered and I may learn things I never expected on the journey while I’m abroad. You never know what might happen. Just make the best out of every moment.


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