Dejanay Richardson-Barcelona Spain



Spain, Fall2016

Next the Fall semester of 2016, I will be studying in Barcelona, Spain. I have many reasons why I chose this location, and why I wanted to go study abroad. The main reason why I want to study abroad is the experience of engulfing myself in a new culture. I have always loved to learn about different cultures because it invites me to think in a global perspective. Often in America, especially at Quinnipiac University, people are surrounded by like- minded individuals who come from similar cultural backgrounds. Therefore, the chance to study abroad will help me interact with people of different cultural backgrounds. I do not personally know family members who have studied abroad because of financial or personal reasons; so to have this opportunity will be a new experience for me to share with my family back at home. Since I have studied some Spanish in high school and in college, I thought this opportunity will help me make use of my language skills. I also chose Barcelona because of the family–oriented and lax structure of the society. It will give me a break from the orthodox routines in Connecticut that I am used too. Traveling to Spain will foster the separation and reincorporation phases from the Rites of Passage Theory. This theory states that an individual separates from the old self when embarking a new transition in life. The opportunity to talk to new students, both local students, and international students will open my mind about politics government, and societal norms. Although I perceive it to be hard to break away from the group of American students in this study abroad experience, I will try hard to use their differences in my liminal stage to re-think the perceptions of Spain`s culture using the individual in the global community module. One quote that inspires about engaging in the global community is when Gail Sheehy said “If we don`t change, we don`t grow. If we don’t grow, we aren`t living”. This quote inspires me because sometimes I fear change, and I can limit myself by  staying in my comfort zone. However, studying abroad will encourage me to grow and learn more about the world, myself, and others.


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