Chase Chiga – Shanghai, China

I choose to study abroad because I’ve always been interested in experiencing other cultures and seeing the world beyond just the United States. As an International business major I will hopefully end up traveling and experiencing the world but in a way having my first experience as part of school seems like it will be a bit safer and probably even better of an experience than if I was traveling just for work. As part of wanting to experience a different way of life, I decided to have my first real experience as something completely different than what I am used to. Because of that I decided to go to Shanghai China, However, there is another reason which is that as an International Business major I want to ultimately do work with companies in China or Asia and knowing more about the culture will help give me an edge in that.
Chase Chiga Spring2016I foresee the knowledge of the Rite of Passage theory affecting my study abroad experience by helping me get out of my shell more and try to experience the country more because I will want to truly experience a change caused by the Rite of Passage of studying abroad. The stages of the Rite of Passage will also impact how I react to the world around me, I will look at myself as a person going through the liminal stage and is going through a change in mindset. I will also be coming back at the end of the semester with new insight and will have to put forth an effort to bring my new knowledge into the community. I think a great quote for what my study abroad experience will be like is from Lillian Smith “I soon realized that no journey carries one far unless, as it extends into the world around us, it goes an equal distance into the world within.” I personally feel this is a great way to describe the experience especially through the viewpoint of it being a Rite of Passage. Like the quote says unless the experience is changing and affecting you and who you are it will end up as not very meaningful.


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