Travelogue 7 Global Responsibility by Mitchell Trulli Barcelona, Spain

I chose this cartoon as it gives a historical perspective of how the international community has failed to learn from the past atrocities that violate human rights. There have been a multitude of times where human rights have been violated in first world countries and the international community rushes to aid them, although time and time again we fail to do so for poorer countries such as Rwanda. In 1944 almost 1 million people were murdered while the UN and America stood by, in addition to this France was accused of supporting the Hutlu- led government after the genocide began. There seems to be an idea that the lives of rich people are more important than the lives of poor people, this is what needs to change. In the news today there are millions of refugees and turmoil in Syria which the international community has been sitting by debating what they should do. Peace talks and meeting are the worlds way of pretending they are doing something while simply just talking, there needs to be action taken quickly in situations like this. This cartoon also depicts the genocide of Sudan or better known as the Darfur genocide. The Sudan government unleashes groups of fighters called Jinjaweed or “Devils on horseback” who destroyed hundreds of villages in what the government called a “Ethnic Cleansing”. It is very funny actually if you are researching on the Wikipedia page for the war in Darfur there is a section displaying the supporters and the belligerents in the conflict and then a third column that says “Proclaimed support” in which the US is listed underneath. The international community including the US claims to have tried to helped the over 700,000 people who were killed while they mostly just conducted peace talks and met with the UN to discuss how they could fix such a problem. When they finally decided that action should be taken the conflict had ended and the human rights had already been violated. It seems that the UN and community also show that they “care” by remembering and honoring the atrocities as depicted in the cartoon they say ” I’ll go get a flag” to show that they care about the atrocity in Sudan. In the future I believe there should be quicker action taken in such violent situations to protect human rights and lives of people in countries who cannot defend themselves.


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