Travel Log 11: “Holding up Half the Sky” by Marcquan Parris. Barcelona, Spain

“Holding Up Half the Sky” was an eye opening documentary that brought light and truly showed the mistreatment of women by men in their communities. As a man myself I had to cringe at the fact that someone can treat a person so inferior just because they are the opposite sex. I think to combat that the situation we as a community need to do one thing: educate. I think that if we teach children to treat people with respect, it will change the currently outlook that men have on how to treat a woman.

After watching Half the Sky, I learned that we need to be engaged in in our environment in order to make the  change we want to see in the world. I think that with the word global community should come hand in hand global responsibility. As community we all want to be treated equally in order to grow and be cohesive amongst one another. The truth is we may think we are all treating each other with love, but we never truly see what this person experiences behind closed doors.

Although these situation are all based on women, I had a strong connection as well, due to the fact that I have both a mother and sister. I honestly could not imagine another man disrespecting my mother or sister. As a man I also felt a connection, because the women in this video were also human. This movie did focus on the horrible acts that were done to women, but one thing I truly loved was the fact that it empowered women to overcome their past experiences.Through all of the mistreatment and cruelty, the video showed how some women found a silver lining and looked at the brightside of their situations to improve the way they lived on a day to day basis. For example, these women were strong enough to take on leadership roles in their community, and watching them stand up against their oppression was beyond amazing. Why? It took one person to cause a chain reaction and from there young women became empowered.

One story that really struck a nerve with me was the one based on prostitution.  This woman in India had to entertain about 30 clients a day no matter if she was healthy or sick. She considered herself “disposable.”At that point, I could not imagine how she felt because for a human to feel so inferior and call themselves disposable they must really feel inferior and vulnerable to their surroundings. With blessing and grace she escaped from this terrible nightmare. Her true strength showed when she became not only a mother, but a role model for women in her situation. She channeled her negative energy into something positive and has even higher hopes for both her and her daughter. Along with her daughter, other women in her community look to her for inspiration. Her life as a young woman really showed pain can be temporary, and if it is you will be able to live through it. I could not imagine seeing any female in my family or any female in general being treated the way she was, especially at a young age.

As a future professional in the public health field, I find it my duty to educate people no matter how old they are on the topics of our world. Many people tend to turn a blind eye to the mistreatment of people in our world. This is something that I feel very strongly about; once I gain the knowledge and medical training to do so. I hope to participate in bringing the practice of basic human rights to underdeveloped countries, so everyone knows how they should be treated and what they are entitled to. I am glad to have seen this documentary and truly understand what is happening in a different part of my community.

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