Travel Log 10: “Encountering Globalization” By Marcquan Parris Budapest, Hungary.

This week’s travel log has opened my eyes to two things that I truly am: blessed and grateful. It is not everyday you realize how much you have because as humans most of the times we dwell on the things that we do not have or want in order to feel equal to or better than people around us. I think we never truly understand all that we have until we see someone or experience something that brings us back into what people in the world actually face. After watching the video, “The Travels of a T-Shirt in the Global Economy” and reading the article “ The Global Transformation Reader” I realized how grateful and thankful for I am for everything I have and being able to love most college students dream of studying abroad and truly immersing themselves in their host culture.


After watching “The Travels of a T-Shirt in the Global Economy” I realized that in most poverty stricken countries money does equal power. We all learn to live off of what our environment provides for us whether it is from the ground or imported/exported through countries ports. What was eye opening to me is that some countries do not have the resources in their environment to survive nor the ability to be a hub for imports and exports. When I think of globalization i think of it from a business standpoint, where companies expand their markets into different countries to increase the values of their products. After watching this I learned that globalization is how we live our everyday lives and influence the culture of world.


In the poverty stricken countries from the video they would make their income mainly through clothing distribution, mainly because there are not many options. One of the factors that come with a poverty stricken country is an unstable government.  In countries such as Ghana and Zambia the clothing market is one of the ways to get money, or other may resort to stealing and potentially getting arrested all to support their families.  In these countries clothing distributors mark up their prices exponentially in order to make money to feed their families. The sad part is, as much as they mark up these prices you they are not even living the lifestyle of what some may consider, “The rich and famous.” I find it sad that  amI able to buy a simple basic t-shirt for about five dollars, but they would have to buy it for anywhere about $15 to $20, when they already do not have enough money to support themselves.


In our workshops in class we talked about what it means to have a global community, and to share the environment around us. As of now with the poverty stricken government things are not being shared amongst our global community equally. There are fellow people in our community unable to survive and giving up having a proper education to care for sick relatives. One key part of a not only a community, but a global community should be growth. With the economic situations these countries are in we as a community will not see full growth because more than likely these nations will be in the same exact position they are in if no one steps in and helps make a change.


As I stated in my opening I honestly realize how blessed I am to be experiencing the world and living the life some people dream of having. Often times while I am abroad certain things or people tend to upset me, but I often take a look back and realize how great of an opportunity I have and how I should use this opportunity to become very culturally aware of my surroundings and the great people i have in my life. Here is a picture of me and group of my friends at the John Lennon wall in Prague actually laughing and enjoying each others company.

john lennon wall.jpg

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Hello all, my name is Marcquan, but most of my friends call me Marc. I am a sophomore biology major and spanish minor and I go to college in Connecticut. I have a knack for fashion journalism, so my blog will be based on mainly men's fashion. I might venture into women's fashion, but I am not too sure... who knows! Feel free to share my blog or submit posts and I will upload them to my site! See you around my Parrisians.

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