TL10: “Encountering Globalization” Danielle Tomlinson, Paris France

“Globalization is about growing mobility” As technology has advanced, the world has begun to transition into an era of globalization. In my opinion, globalization is the process of integration on an international scale through the movement of goods, services and more recently people. What once used to be solely economically impactful, has now become more socially and culturally impactful on many people across the globe. Prior to our QU301 workshop, I had a perception that globalization was simply the act of transporting goods from one country to another. But in recent times, as the world becomes more engrained in social media. The circulation of ideas and sentiments are so easily shared across countries. I believe that all study abroad students are a part of the globalization process by sharing their views, cultural practices, religious beliefs and social behaviours. We become a part of the hybridization that is often talked about. “Cultures are transformed by the incorporations they make from other cultures in the world” (243) Upon reflection I realize how true this is, not only does the host culture change but a person’s individual way of life may change as well. When I had moved to the United States of America, there were many things that I had no opinion on or wouldn’t dare talk about. But being in a country that values their freedom of speech so heavily allowed me to become more vocal. And even so bringing that back to my own country I have allowed those whom I social with such as friends and family to become more vocal too. In this way, I believe we all participate in globalization whether it be that we are the foreign resident or the domestic resident. Many times, study abroad students only think of the impact that their host country has had on them. Rarely do we think about the impact we may have on our host country through everyday interactions and our behaviours we contribute to hybridization of a culture. Even now as study abroad trips become less and less extensive, the week or two weeks one may spend in a country may impact another’s life and continue to contribute to the integration of cultures globally and the hybridization of that countries culture. Thus when I imagine, how through my own interactions and expressing my views that maybe someone’s opinion may be changed or my own opinion may be changed. And through that discussion, I too contribute to globalization and my French counterpart contributes to globalization. Though globalization can be accredited mostly to technology, there is still something to be said about the physical aspect of moving to a different country to understand one’s culture, and hopefully get one to understand yours. In the film we watched in our workshop, we say how each group of people had preconceived notions about the other. Globalization works to break down these barriers. Last week we talked about how stereotypes may skew an image of a country and its culture. Thus being a physical presence in someone’s country, showing them through your learned behaviours, social instincts and cultural upbringing that the preconceived notions they may hold against you are wrong. This is debunking stereotypes and replacing these preconceived notions of fact, whilst being reminded that the interactions that you have with people from other countries can impact your perspective far more than people care to think. So by engaging with communitas, guides and even tricksters one contributes to globalization.


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