Travel Log 14: “Global Connections & Rites of Separation” by Doug Beebe; London, UK

As I am sitting down to finally write this travel log I find myself in my seat on my flight how. Even though it is a little bit later than when I was supposed to write this post, I’m going to talk about my experiences saying goodbye and separating from my host country rather than how I would have done it in the future. Thinking back on my whole experience abroad I could not have asked for a better experience and it only makes sense to use the quote that Slimbach stated, “If we allow, global learning will not only carry us into the world around us, but also into this world within,” to help and explain the experience that this semester has given me. This quote encompasses the whole study abroad experience because it brings up the point that global learning allows us to become a part of the community around us but immersing ourselves in the culture of our host country as well as being able to learn a great deal about ourselves along the way. I know personally that leaving London was more than just leaving school that I have attended for a little while but rather my home, and this is how global learning has enabled me to become a part of the English community, I no longer felt like a guest. I also agree that this whole experience changes us as people by helping us to mature. It’s an experience that helped me personally to learn a lot about myself because I was thrown into a foreign society and then was able to figure it out for myself and learn how to truly live on my own in a foreign city.

One of the hardest parts about separating from my host country was not only leaving in general but also leaving all of the friends that I made along the way behind. One of the things that my two good friends and I did for our last few days in London was to take a last trip together to Edinburgh, Scotland. It was our last chance to experience the UK as a whole as well as to help us to get into the Christmas Spirit with all the Christmas markets across Edinburgh. Once we got back to London we tried to hit all of our favorite places across London to ensure that we didn’t miss anything we really wanted to see. On our last night in London together we all took a trip to the London Eye and went on at night to see our amazing city from above one last time and just to recollect all fo the amazing memories that we had together this far and to just get one last reminder why we loved the city we have been living in for so the past three months. I think that this was probably the best way to say goodbye and to separate from London by just having one last amazing experience together.

Leaving London has been a truly bittersweet experience. After having such an amazing study abroad experience I didn’t want to leave at all. I had started to establish myself as a citizen of the London community and started to feel as though London was my home. I truly think that one of this things that will help me to reincorporate with my home country is the fact that it is Christmas and it is a time to spend a lot of time with all of my family. I do think though that I will be extremely sad once Christmas is over and really want to go back to London.


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