Travel Log 14: “Global Connections & Rites of Separation” by Jill Berlant; Perugia Italy

I have one week left in my host country and I cannot believe I will be going home after this long journey. My finals start today, which makes this time a very stressful and sad time because I am a leaving a place I called home for 3 in a half months. I plan on taking a final walk through my town reflecting on my time here and saying goodbye to my favorite shopkeepers and the Umbra staff. A few of my professors have made my time here even more enjoyable and pleasant. I will make sure I express how much I enjoyed their classes and getting to know them outside the classroom, which was a new thing for me. Next Thursday their will be a final goodbye party so I will make a toast in honor of them for making my time here so special and that I will miss them when I leave Perugia.

As for making global connections I feel that I agree with what Slimbach states, “If we allow, global learning will not only carry us into the world around us, but also into this world within.” I have found that I learned so much living and exploring outside of the classroom and that I have more knowledge about the world around me and felt an actually deep connections when touring Europe. For an example when I went to the Anne Frank House, the feelings I felt their connected me to Anne Frank and I already knew her story and read her book but being their brought another aspect and feeling that is so hard to explain. Slimbach asks, “Is there a great dream or story, then, that is capable of energizing our global learning?” I would say that yes, being an explorer and taking chances would certainly achieve global learning. It did at least for me.

I believe it would be hard for someone to be a global citizen but to focus on being a good role model and active member in your community no matter where you live or stay. That would get you one step closer to becoming a global citizen, but I do not think there is such a thing. One person cannot be a citizen for the whole world. They would be spreading themselves out to thin. If the focus on the town the live and grow from there then they will affect a small part of the world. I have been to many cities and countries but that does not make me a global citizen.

It will be sad to leave and before I came I did not realize how much I would miss this place, but Perugia became a piece of me and I left my mark on Perugia. IMG_7727.jpgWhen I go home I will have another culture shock, I feel like I will be very overwhelmed when I have to pick what type of food I want to eat, in Perugia the choice was only Italian. I will have to get readjusted to driving instead of walking everywhere. I will no longer have a language barrier. I will have working appliances again, and will miss our cold shower and broken washer. I will be able to use a dryer again after 3 in half months of waiting three days for my clothes to dry. I know I will have a lot to get used to again. These odd things about Perugia I have grown to like and get used too. I know my family is planning a lot of exciting event and things for my arrival so I will be thrilled to see them again but a part of me will miss Perugia and my friends I have made here.


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