Travel Log 13: “Connecting Rights of Passage and Digital Story Telling” by Jill Berlant; Perugia Italy

After living in Italy now for three months I feel that my rite of passage is almost at completion. I feel like I must be entering the new status phase because I am thinking and acting differently already. IMG_6329.jpgAfter reading Goldstein’s article I feel like I can connect to many of the characteristics that are apart of the rite of passage. He says “individuals find their “bliss,” those activities that they can immerse themselves in with great passion, and from which they receive unbridled joy.” I feel like I can relate to this because thus far I can say I always felt extremely lucky to have this amazing opportunity to go abroad and that everyday has been truly incredible. My life has been filled with adventure and seeing monument moments in history. I have gone on countless of walking tours and many museums. I have learned more than I would have ever thought in my classrooms as well as outside the classroom. I was not expecting to get so into history as I did here. I went to 8 different countries all within 3 months while exploring the different regions of Italy. I fell like the happiest person ever to been given this opportunity. Goldstein also says that “Ritual, as part of the Rites of Passage experience can set a tone and impact climate in ways that help to create a productive context for learning.” I also agree with this because Monday through Thursday it felt good to have a routine. Everyday I would have Italian from 10:30-11:20 their I was able to brush up on my Italian and tell my professor about my exciting weekend. Then I would follow my schedule of classes depending on the day. It felt good to have a ritual because it made me feel comfortable and at home in my town of Perugia, especially when I would travel over the weekends. I think that I have changed as a person through this whole experience, I feel older and wiser. I have experience more than most college students who do not study abroad. I am able to travel anywhere and know how most major transportation systems work. I know it is okay to get lost in a big city because sometimes it is even better than reading a map. If I need to find my way home I am also capable of reading maps. These simple life skills cannot be taught in a classroom. Most people my age cannot function with out their cell phones, but I have gone days without Wi-Fi. Instead of being stuck on my phone I was able to go out and experience the world.

When I tell my digital story I plan to show my personal growth and explain how I have changed by my experiences. I liked the examples that were given but I think I want to make my video and little more light and cheery since I had my own experience here. I want to capture Perugia’s strong points and the people I met here. I want it to be the best representation of my time here as possible. I liked how both of the girls had a specific thing they talked about like Rachel talking about her neighbor and how her relationship blossom as the trees did. Also the other girl was very connected to her bike and the places it led her. This has defiantly inspired me to start thinking in a creative way. I did not have a bike or a neighbor but I did have an inspiring professor and my shoes that lead me down windy cobble paths.



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