Travel Log 13: “Connecting Rites of Passage and Digital Storytelling”. By Nicoline Lovisa Tegnell. Barcelona, Spain

Throughout this crazy, amazing, breathtaking three month adventure I have spent exploring Europe, I am glad to say that I have learned more than I could ever have even imagined. One main component that I have learned so much about due to this course, is about rites of passage. In, “Rites of Passage as a Framework for Community Interventions with Youth” by Blumenkrantz & Goldstein, the authors write, “It could be argued that cultural rituals and secular strategies in modern American society do not effectively assist in our children’s transition to adulthood. The lack of clearly established rites of passage in America is partly due to the ambiguity about when and how one becomes an adult in contemporary society (Arnett, 2000, 2004)” (pg. 43). I think that the authors are making an extremely good point here because if we do not know we are going through a rite of passage, then how do we ever know how we have changed and evolved because of it? Because of my own experience with this course, I have been able to understand what I am going through and understand my feelings while I am experiencing my own rite of passage. I have also been able to make more out of my experience by being able to separate before I began my journey. These crucial steps of a rite of passage are what help make it successful. I think the global community would benefit from community-based rituals because it would give people more of an understanding into what shapes each community. Also, it would be a way to connect people through the ways in which we all undergo our rites of passage and become who we are today.

There are so many important reasons to create and digital story and why I am so happy we have the opportunity to do this. From the, “Twenty elements of rites of passage”, one that really stuck out to me was, “4. You can only bring someone as far as you have been yourself”. In my digital story, I hope to be able to show everyone how far I have come and how much this experience has shaped and molded me. Because of this, I hope to be able to help others become more apart of the global community as well and through my digital story maybe I will show others what other parts of the world and other cultures are like and open peoples eyes even the slightest bit more. Also, another element that stuck out to me was, “17. Obligation to service to the larger community”. This one stuck out because of the service that I did here in Barcelona. In my digital story, I also hope to show people what an important impact just one person can have on the global community if you just make the effort to do so. Also, this is why I am so happy why I am on a career path to become a physician assistant because this journey has also showed me how much I want to help people all over the world and to make this world a better place. Lastly, another element I hope to portray in my digital story is, “19. Opportunities to demonstrate new competencies & status”. As I mentioned earlier, I really want to show people how much this experience has made me grow, and my horizons expand and what a truly positive influence it has had on me.

The digital story that I found that I connected with the most was Rachel’s digital story about Paris. Rachel’s digital story also had to do with growth while abroad, similar to the main theme that my digital story will have. She was also able to sum up her experience in so short of a time frame but still make the video so powerful and really show how much the experience meant to her and how much she had learned and become better because of it. She left me with such a lasting impact which is what I hope my digital story will do for others. Rachel also made me feel so proud of her, I felt like I had grown with her throughout her journey and she really had a memorable experience. I hope that I can elicit all of what my experience was in those short minutes as well.


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