Mitchell Trulli- Barcelona, Spain

I have always had the notion that I wanted to study abroad since my mother had told me of her amazing experience in London while studying abroad her Junior year of college. I chose to study abroad for a multitude of reasons, but to begin my family has always been experience oriented. My grandfather would say “spend your money on experiences not things” and because of that my parents have took us on dozens of vacations and we have explored the world in amazing ways. I have always been encouraged to take advantage of any opportunity presented at me, our family motto is “carpe-diem”, or seize the day. All of this culminated to turn me into a person that loves adventure, travel, and exploration, which lead me to choose to study abroad. Next semester I will be traveling to my chosen international location of Barcelona, Spain. This was instantly my top choice as it provided me with the most unique opportunity. For one it is a place I had never traveled to that was very different than America. In addition it places me in a position that allows me to travel across an entire continent with ease and explore dozens of other countries and cultures where as Australia or another far away location would not have allowed me.
The rites of passage course so far has equipped me with the knowledge to be fully prepared for the shock of such a massive transition in my life for about half of a year. In addition to being prepared myself I will be able to aid other students who might be struggling with the transition. This course is also allowing me to view the experience as a whole in a new light that I had not seen before.

11890966_10205071024678736_4248648824642440185_n“ Meeting someone for the first time is like going on a treasure hunt. What wonderful worlds we can find in others!”- Edward E. Ford
This quote is very inspirational to me because of my interest in people. I thoroughly enjoy getting to know someone, learning what inspires them, their fears, their aspirations and becoming close to someone is an adventure on its own. Developing a complex and deep bond with someone is priceless. In addition experiences such as travel abroad provide a unique setting that cultivates this type f interaction and allows people to create these bonds.


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