Stephen Sharo- Dunedin, New Zealand

I chose to study abroad because it is the beginning of something new. I am the type of person who gets excited about change, but never actually act upon my emotions. All my life I have had big dreams and elaborate ideas and yet still never took the steps necessary in order to pursue them. My decision to study abroad is rooted in my experiences in the past and how I hope to change in the future. I had the idea to study abroad and decided that this will be the first thing I will pursue thoroughly and extensively, because it is a once in a lifetime opportunity.

I picked New Zealand as my study abroad destination for a multitude of reasons. First, New Zealand is the adventure capital of the world. I love adrenaline sports, exploring, and spending time outdoors. New Zealand is the perfect country to combine all of these aspects. Moreover, New Zealand has some of the best natural landscapes in the world. I decided that there is only a small window to go hiking, exploring, and camping in these astonishing places. As I get older, spending time in these unique, natural environments becomes increasingly more difficult. I want to be able to appreciate everyplace that the world has to offer and I thought that New Zealand was the best place to start.

I foresee my growing of knowledge of traditional Rites of Passage theory affecting my actions throughout my study abroad experience. The theory of Rites of Passage gives me a new lens Workshop1 Spring2015to view my journey. Rather than seeing my semester abroad as simply that, the theory allows me to view my journey as a distinct shift in the way I live.

The quote form the workshop that inspires me is the one by Jonathan Swift which states, “Everyday is an opportunity to make a new happy ending. M
ay you live all the days of your life.” I think the encompasses my entire viewpoint on life. I should live everyday up to its full potential. Whether I am in another country, Hamden, or New Jersey everyday should be a good day. I don’t think I should see my time abroad as a better experience, but rather a limited time for a different experience.



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