Marcquan Parris- Barcelona, Spain

Hey my name is Marcquan and I am a junior Biology major studying at Quinnipiac University. I chose to study abroad to get a different aspect of life. By this I have two meanings. One of them is to have a different understanding of myself and going through the process of growing up and no longer being the baby in my family. Moreover I want to gain a first hand experience of what it is like to be in a different country in live by their culture and rules.

Messages Image(1285996892)Studying abroad in Barcelona as a choice that I made through the influence of my Spanish teachers in from high school to college. Along with my Biology major I am a Spanish minor. I have actually been studying the Spanish language since seventh grade of middle school and my teachers have been from different parts of Spain. My teacher in high school, Ms. Palucci was from the Canary Islands right off the coast of Spain. She talked about the beauties of Spain and her love for the Canary Islands.

My Advanced Spanish teacher in college Professor Dever is from Barcelona and having her over the course of a year she always talked about the beauty and rich history that the city encompassed. After spending a year with her I was very set on going to Barcelona. I get it, they do not speak Spanish in Barcelona. I found this as an opportunity to to immerse myself two two cultures: the Catalonian culture and the Spanish culture.

I think that study abroad will be one of the biggest rites of passage in my life so far. The traditional Rites of Passage theory is something that will always be in the back of my head when it comes to feeling a change in myself while studying abroad. I feel that the liminal stage with be something that will take a while for me to go through, just because there will be a strong transition with letting go of the typical American culture and becoming a different version of me which is putting myself into the Spanish culture.

Henry Miller once said, “One’s destination is never a place, but a new way of seeing things.”  This quote seems to accurately describe what I would love my study abroad experience to be. I want to see the countries I travel to as something that I have fully immersed in and have great experiences  from.

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About Marcquan

Hello all, my name is Marcquan, but most of my friends call me Marc. I am a sophomore biology major and spanish minor and I go to college in Connecticut. I have a knack for fashion journalism, so my blog will be based on mainly men's fashion. I might venture into women's fashion, but I am not too sure... who knows! Feel free to share my blog or submit posts and I will upload them to my site! See you around my Parrisians.

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