Erin Foley-Paris, France

My name is Erin Foley and I am currently a psychology major and French minor at Quinnipiac University. It may be quite obvious why I chose Paris in particular, as I have been learning the language since sixth grade. I chose to study abroad, however, in order to connect and solidify my own individual experience as an American student with that of the global community. While I am an active participant inwordpress academics and Greek life on campus, I am a part of the “Quinnipiac bubble;” I only interact with people who are within this same circle. While it may provide comfort and security at times, it hinders my personal and individual growth. In this way, I may never emerge as a redefinition of myself through different experiences. Traveling abroad serves as a rite of passage, which I will undergo to develop a new facet of myself.

A quote by St. Augustine aligns flawlessly with what I hope to achieve while abroad: “The world is a book and those who do not travel read only one page.” Students who are too afraid to venture outside their “first page” which is, for me, Quinnipiac University, will miss out on the opportunities thatthe global community offers. This may include, food, language, art, or history. In order to redefine yourself, you must experience new things that somehow alter you in some way
. As a class, we discussed challenges that are quintessential to the rite of passage that influence the journey as a whole. One must, then, overcome these challenges to continue reading the pages of the world.

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