Brandon Lyons – Florence, Italy

Hi everyone, my name is Brandon and I am a sophomore finance major from New Jersey. Next semester, I will be studying in Florence, Italy. Studying abroad is something that I have always wanted to do because I believe it is a once in a lifetime opportunity to live and study in a country other than our IMG_1942own. I chose to study in Italy because my family comes from Italy and I studied the Italian language throughout middle school and high school. This coming semester I hope to experience aspects of the Italian culture such as food and art as well as master the Italian language. I think that my growing knowledge of traditional rites of passage will affect my study abroad experience because now that I have learned about the different steps of a traditional right of passage I can apply these steps to my abroad experience, which I believe will make my experience much more meaningful and allow me to better look back on my experience.

“A journey is best measured in friends, rather than miles.” –Tim Cahill

This quote really stood out to me because I believe it is a good representation of what we have discussed in the workshop. To me the quote means that travelling is all about what you make of the experience. Relating this to my study abroad experience, I will measure the success of my semester in the amount of relationships I have made and what I have learned, not just how many places I have visited.



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