Travel Log 10: “Encountering Globalization”. By Nicoline Lovisa Tegnell. Barcelona, Spain

The movie that we watched this week, “The Travels of a T-shirt in the Global Economy” was extremely shocking. To begin, I had no idea that clothing that we donate gets sold in Africa, I had always assumed that this clothing was given away to those in need for no profit whatsoever. To see Luka buying those masses of clothes and then selling them for profit was disappointing as well as eye opening for me, as it seems to be for the people in the video who also had no idea where their clothes were going. The people of Zambia, Ghana, and other African countries rely on selling these secondhand clothes for their livelihood. Used clothing is the largest export from the United States to Africa. This is an example of globalization because it is the transfer of goods between nations and shows the interdependence of these nations but not in a very positive way.

In, “Encountering Globalization” by Kevin Robins, he writes, “Walk down your local high street and you will be aware of global chains such as McDonald’s”. This is another example of globalization because a single chain has grown from being an American brand to being a world wide brand. This type of globalization is creating homogeneity among all countries around the globe. When my mom as well my roommates parents have come to visit, I always ask them if Barcelona has been what they expected. The common response among all visitors seems to be, “I did not think it would be so Americanized”. This response is a common one because when walking down the streets of Barcelona, as well as many cities that I have visited while being abroad, you encounter stores such as Zara, Starbucks, McDonald’s, KFC, etc. This makes a completely foreign place seem similar to places like the United States because of these globalized brands. Robins also writes regarding globalization, “There are gathering flows of people, too, not just of physical and information products and goods”. Robins is explaining how globalization also involves people because through people traveling, countries and cultures are able to merge and learn so much more about one another. This also allows the flow of information which furthers globalization because as information flows countries that are not as far advanced are able learn more. As a study abroad student, I have encountered this type of globalization because in all of my travels, I have been fortunate enough to be able to talk to locals of each city. This has allowed me to exchange ideas with them and to learn so much more deeply about the culture of different cities which also makes me much more of a global citizen. By learning about the culture of a place from the locals, I have been able to free my mind from stereotypes and have been able to really appreciate the place that I am in so much more, I believe these are ideas I will be able to take back home as well to help others become more global citizens.

In class when we defined a global community we said, “it is comprised of all living things who make up communities that are conjoined by the desire to achieve human rights”. I do think that this is a good definition because we mention human rights but after watching the video and reading the document I think there are parts of the global community that we have neglected to mention. A global community is also one that is interdependent in regards to services and products. Also, we failed to mention that each country may be desiring to achieve humans rights in different ways and may also see these human rights different in regards to what they are.

The image I have chosen to post is one of a hand touching the globe in one spot but it

Globalization image. Taken from Fall15.

Globalization image. Taken from Fall15.

shows all the connects that that one touch makes to the rest of the world. This picture shoes how connected and interdependent the world is because every continent is connected to one another in one way or another through something. It also shows what an effect globalization has had on the world. It has brought us all closer through companies, technology, services and products. It had made our world in a sense, smaller, and possibly is even making us understand different cultures and peoples more because of travel and intermingling more.

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