Travel Log 10: “Encountering Globalization” by Jill Berlant; Perugia Italy

Globalization could be a good thing but it also has some negative aspects as well after watching the T-shirt video it reminded me of the many horrible things happening in Africa. That town in the video is in a lot of debit and they seem like they will never recover. It blows my mind that other wealthier countries do not try to help their situation. It seems as if they do not want them to ever recover. I clearly do not know too much about the World Bank, but after watching the video it seems like they are putting some money into helping but in reality it is not doing much. I feel like there should be a better way of dealing with the debit. Every couple of years I go through my closet and donate clothes I do not wear any more to those big bins outside. I thought that those clothes would have been donated to people in the United States. I never knew that people turned it into a profit making business for people in Africa then to make a career out of selling second hand clothing. I almost wish that I could give them my clothes I do not wear anymore for free.

In the part of Italy where I live the Italian culture is strong and no other food places or shops are intergraded from other parts of the world, the only thing that is American is the music. Every time we go out the DJ always play popular American hits, I am not sure if they do it because they enjoy it or for the abroad students. I wish that sometimes I could hear other music than what I am used to, it would give me a better feel of the culture, and it is strange that in the local little shops they listen to American songs. I did realize that it is very common to find American fast food chains; in huge cities I have seen Starbucks, Dunkin’ Donuts, McDonalds, Burger King and more. It is very odd to see that in Europe, because Americans are thought of being over weight because of fast food places but yet Europe has them too. Italy has the lease fast food chains in Europe; they seem the most authentic and take a lot of pride in their food. In Kevin Robbin’s article, “Encountering Globalization” he says “Globalization may be seen in terms of an accumulation of cultural phenomena where new global elements coexist alongside existing and established local or nation forms.” I think the example about having fast food places through Europe is an example of what Kevin Robbin’s was saying.

In class we came up that Globalization “it is comprised of all living things who make up communities that are conjoined by the desire to achieve human rights.” I think that this still is true but the world may not actually live by it. Africa has needed help for many years now and still nothing that substantial has been done. If everyone has the same desire to achieve human rights, Africans lack a lot less human rights than we have. They cannot even receive new clothing. The boy in the film cannot get married because he must help his siblings stay in school. He had to drop out of school to help his mother. I think that every child should be able to finish school if they want to but in so many situations they just do no have enough money too. He does not have the same opportunities because his country cannot help the people because they have to pay off debit.

The picture I choose represents how small the world actually is, I feel that more people should care about other people and places in the world besides their home country. Prayer-For-World-PeaceI been to over eight different countries within two months I have experienced and seen so much. I think that every should travel to see different parts of the world because once you find the smaller city everything isn’t the same and typical you can actually start to see the roots of where these cultures came from.


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