Travel Log 7 “Global Responsibilities Part 1” by Kait Shortell. Paris, France

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To start this post, I googled cartoons of the Rwandan genocide. The first four or five cartoons that I clicked on were directly linked to our t3Rope blog site. I’m not entirely sure how Google sorts its pictures, but I think it certainly says something about how many people take the time to search for knowledge about the worlds history and what goes on around them. One of the things that was mentioned in the film, ten years later, after this genocide, the governments of the United Nations and the U.S. etc. still refuse to really recognize what happened there; and because they refuse to take it more seriously, whose to say that history will not repeat itself? I believe this cartoon was foreshadowing a similar situation, taking place in Sudan right now. It is shedding light on the whole “history repeats itself” concept, while trying to jog the world’s memory of what happened last time. The United Nations, particularly France and Belgium essentially gave Rwanda all it needed for this civil war to take place. Belgium turned the two social classes on one another, and France gave them the physical means for a war. They only then returned to Rwanda, pulled their own people out, and left the country as it crumbled and went down in flames. The Rwandan people were seemingly hopeless on their own, without the means to stop what other countries had insinuated. I think the cartoon is suggesting we are on the way to allowing that to happen again. The Human Rights violated in this particular cartoon are those of the very first Article, about how we should act towards one another and do so in a manner of “brotherhood.” This cartoon is very obviously pointing out the lack of brotherhood taking place between Sudan and the U.N., just as it was lacking with Rwanda. It is also suggesting the Europeans see themselves as superior, and better, then the people of Rwanda and Sudan. Therefore, if it doesn’t involve their own people, it doesn’t matter to them. The U.N., as well as any other countries that had the means to help, should have been making efforts to protect these people, and it was selfishness, and a lack of humanity that kept them from helping their “brothers” when they needed it most.


One thought on “Travel Log 7 “Global Responsibilities Part 1” by Kait Shortell. Paris, France

  1. I agree with you completely! After watching the video I was both unsurprised yet appalled that 10 years later the US and UN said that they were sad to see such a thing happen and wished they knew the extent the people of Rwanda were suffering at the time. What?! They knew, they got reports weekly, they had pleas for support from the one commander that refused to leave. THEY, the “super powers” of the world turned a blind eye because they couldn’t be bothered with something that didn’t involve or benefit them. France did basically give them everything, even a reason to start this nonsensical civil war and then just up and left. These people were like scraps lefts to the dogs and no one thought twice. I also again agree with you on the concept of the UN saying that something like this won’t happen again, yet once again today we have a similar situation on our hands and even now not much is being done. It begs the question of where has the world’s compassion gone? Wars have been had for years and we created a set of guidelines to protect all the people of the world in the human rights and yet we see the world standing by idly as these rights are being violated across the globe, leading to these acts of outrageous violence and genocide, like in Rwanda. Truly it is as you say ‘a lack of humanity’ stopped the world from stepping in and putting a stop to things when our brothers and sisters were dying, when they needed the compassion of the world the most to help them, to save them. WE left THEM to die.


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