TL8: Rites of Passage: Exploring Stereotypes, Travel Log 8: “Global Responsibility Part 2” by Jill Belrant; Perugia Italy

Many students study abroad to party in a different time zone like Slimach said. They do not care about the culture of their host country and try to still live in their phones to keep up with everything that goes on back home. I see many students doing this, I think it is because they are not sure really how to act, they are used to being a typical American student which they can not switch over or be any different than that. I think that there should be a good mix of being an American and not losing everything about your old self but there needs to be a middle, to adapting better so that Americans do not stick out like a typical tourist.

I think we get this loud American stereotype because we travel in large groups so we tend to stick out a lot. Its easy to notice who the tourist are because they travel everywhere together, the stereotype that American students get are that they are “pampered twenty-something’s who leave home with little preparation, arrive at the program site largely clueless, and rarely break away from the exclusive company of other foreigners” (35-36). This type of student is still in the first stage of the study abroad process. I feel the more time we stay abroad the more we change and do adapted to our new surroundings. But some students who are never aware of the possible changes most likely will not go through these experiences.

Over the past weekend I visit Firenze. I thought it was a beautiful big city with many famous locations. As I was walking around I heard more English speaking people then Italian. I was so surprised because I am used to walking around Perugia hearing only Italian. I saw many AmericIMG_3455ans and the were super easy to spot. I was a little disappointed in how touristy the city was because with all the Americans studying there it gave the city a different type of feel than I was expecting. Expectably because they were not the types of Americans that were trying to embrace the culture.

The photo I chose is taken on the Ponte Vecchio Bridge in Firenze. I still enjoy going around to touristy locations to see the famous statues and buildings because that is important to me when traveling, but I also am embracing the culture and locals. I also am trying to embrace the Italian style. I think living in a smaller city is allowing me to be fully immerged in the Italian culture.


One thought on “TL8: Rites of Passage: Exploring Stereotypes, Travel Log 8: “Global Responsibility Part 2” by Jill Belrant; Perugia Italy

  1. Jill,

    I have not been to Florence yet, so I thought it was crazy how you said when you visited everyone spoke in English. I did not expect that from Italy. I thought most people there didn’t speak English and it was difficult to communicate with locals so that was surprising to me. I’m sure studying where you in Perugia is so different. In Barcelona everyone speaks Catalan and Spanish so if you don’t try to speak that you really stick out.


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